Victoria's gambling environment

What is meant by the gambling environment?

Victoria's gambling environment is made up of number of elements. These might be thought of as existing in ever broader circles. The first consists of the laws and regulations that govern gambling and the government and government bodies that make and apply them.

It also includes the businesses that offer gambling, the various products they offer, and how and when they offer them. Taken all together, these elements form the basic structure in which gambling takes place in the state. These are the main focus of these pages.

Those Victorians who gamble regularly and those who work in the industry are primary actors in the gambling environment. Their actions keep the environment going and also have an effect on how it evolves, and where it goes to.

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and the education, prevention and treatment services and bodies it funds are also a part of the gambling environment. They do not create it but their mission is to reduce or amend harm caused by the environment.

When taking action they also have an effect on how gambling works. They are also connected to the gambling environment through their funding from gambling taxes.

Finally, the greater Victorian population also has an impact on the gambling environment. This happens in a number of ways outlined below:

  • through their decisions as customers, to gamble or not
  • in their attitudes towards gambling and gamblers, and
  • in their role as citizens whose views can impact on government policy and regulation.

Elements of Victoria's gambling environment

Victoria's gambling environment is informed by how individuals and communities gamble, the laws and regulations and underlying policy work that govern important legal decisions.

Different forms of gambling are legalised or prohibited by Victorian and Commonwealth legislation. The Victorian Gambling Regulation Act 2003 legalises gambling on pokie machines, keno, lotteries and bingo while the Casino Control Act 1991 legalises gambling on casino games at the Crown Casino.

The Commonwealth Interactive Gambling Act 2001 legalises online sportsbetting and online wagering in Australia from licensed providers, however, it prohibits the provision of other forms of online gambling like pokie machines and casino games.

The following forms of gambling are legal in Victoria:

  • Pokie machines
  • Casino games
  • Wagering
  • Online sportsbetting
  • Keno
  • Lotteries, and
  • Bingo.

All of these forms of gambling are regulated in Victoria.

In Victoria, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) is authorised to regulate gambling in clubs, hotels and the Crown casino as well as sportsbetting and wagering. Gambling businesses or activities need the Commission's permission to operate in Victoria.

The offices of the Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation and the Minister for Racing are tasked with developing and implementing policies on gambling as well as amending the legislative framework in Victoria as required.

Further information

Further information on gambling in Victoria is found on the following pages.

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Useful information

Information that may also be useful:

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