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Sometimes people like to work through problems on their own so here are some tips, tools and programs to help you get control of your gambling, in your own way.

There's a self-help work book and the 100 Day Challenge as well as links to online help and self-exclusion.

There's also the Your Play system where you can track your activity. Take the quiz to see which approach is right for you.


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Tips and strategies for staying in control to help you gamble responsibly. Learn more

Manage your money

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Consider these tips for using money management to help you quit or cut down on gambling. Learn more


Help yourself: A guide to overcoming gambling problems including self-assessment and goal setting. Learn more

Your Play

Set your limit

Your Play is a new system where you can track how much money and time you spend at any gaming venue in the state, including at Melbourne casino. Learn more

Fight for You

100 day challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is an onlne program to help you tke control of your gambling. Learn more

Gamblers Help Online

It's immediate and there is no need to make an appointment - free 24/7 support via chat or email. Learn more


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You can ban yourself from a venue or internet gambling using self-exclusion. Learn more

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Help yourself

Fight for you challenge