Signs of harm from gambling

Harm from gambling starts earlier than you think. Way before it looks like a problem, gambling can be causing harm.

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Maybe you’ve felt that little niggle – you went a bit too far on the last bet, or you’re feeling guilty that you’ve spent more time gambling than with family or friends. Or perhaps you feel like you’ve let someone down because of your gambling – spent more than you said, or missed an appointment. There might have been some tension. These are the harms that can happen – each one feels small, but over time they start to build up. You may not even notice that they’re increasing, or that gambling is causing them.

Harm from gambling isn’t just about losing money. Gambling can start to affect self-esteem, relationships, physical and mental health, work performance and social life. It can harm not only the person who gambles but also family, friends, workplaces and communities.

Here are some signs you can look for.

  • Initial signs of harm: having less time or money to spend on recreation and family, reduced savings, increased consumption of alcohol, feelings of guilt or regret
  • Advanced signs of harm: relationship conflict, reduced work or study performance, financial difficulties, anger, feelings of shame and hopelessness

If un-checked, these harms can escalate or lead to more severe harms.

If you think gambling is causing issues in your life, then it's probably time to rethink your gambling and find out about what support is available.