Understanding gambling

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People who have problems with gambling fall into two broad groups:

  • those who say they gamble because it's exciting or challenging, and
  • those who zone out while gambling, not thinking or feeling, their worries and cares disappear and their problems are forgotten

Why you gamble

Do any of the reasons below apply to you?

  • to win money
  • for entertainment
  • to be sociable
  • to make a big win
  • to forget your troubles
  • to escape from problems
  • for something to do
  • for excitement
  • to avoid talking to people

Can you write your own list?

Find out more about why you gamble.

As well as all these reasons, people gamble as a habit.  The reasons they started have been forgotten and the habit just goes on.

We have several types of help to help you break a gambling habit, but understanding how gambling works and learning about the different types of gambling can also help you understand how gambling might be playing you.

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