Signs of a problem

Why do I gamble?

Gambling doesn't start as a problem. For most people it starts out as a bit of fun but that can change and grow without people realising.

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How can you tell when your gambling is becoming an issue? Here are some signs.

Gambling and health

Gambling often has other health consequences or associated issues. Some people start to feel down or anxious about gambling. Others find their gambling becomes a problem when drinking and gambling at the same time. For some, gambling can increase their smoking.

Gambling Help Online has useful information about gambling and mood, alcohol, anxiety and smoking.

Ready to change?

We know taking the first step can be hard. Making a decision to change can be both exciting and scary.

As with all people dealing with a bad habit, gamblers will be at various stages of accepting that there is a problem. Being ready to make the necessary changes requires different skills and strategies at different stages.

Gambling Help Online has useful information about what approach to take depending on the stage you're in

Impact on others

It's estimated that for every person who has a problem with gambling, another five to ten people are negatively affected.

A person's gambling behaviour can have serious social, physical and financial impacts on those who are close to them.

A relationship with someone who has a gambling problem can be very stressful and whether it's your partner, child, parent or friend, the behaviour and consequences of problem gambling can have a significant impact.

View the family and friends pages for information on what to do if you think someone you care about has a problem with gambling.

This includes advice about how to look after yourself.

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