Money management

Do you forget about gambling when you don't have any money? Consider these tips for managing your money to help you stop or cut back on gambling.

  • Negotiate to have someone trusted to help you with money management.
  • Consider short and long-term arrangements according to what your needs may be.
  • Have your wages paid directly into an account.
  • It may be possible for a support person to collect your wages. Cancel credit and ATM cards or give them to the support person.
  • Only carry a limited amount of money and avoid carrying an ATM or credit card.
  • Arrange with the bank to reduce the daily cash withdrawal limit on from ATMs.
  • Tell family and friends what you are doing and not to lend you money.
  • Consider having two people as signatories on your bank accounts.
  • Eliminate cash withdrawals on your credit cards.
  • Pay bills by direct debit or cheque on the day you are paid or if possible arrange for your payroll to make important payments like rent or mortgage. If dealing with other people’s money tempts you, avoid jobs where you handle cash.
  • Avoid keeping large sums of money in the house.
  • Consider paying some bills in advance.
  • Consider something you would really enjoy and regularly put money away for it.

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