Health and Community Professionals

Research shows people seeking help for gambling harm are often experiencing other problems, such as anxiety or substance use issues. A 2015 study found almost three in four people receiving help for gambling were experiencing co-occurring or ‘comorbid’ conditions. Conversely, clients of other services may be experiencing harm from gambling. A recent foundation-funded study reported that six per cent of clients of Victorian mental health services experience severe gambling problems, a rate eight times higher than the general population.

We are working with partners across the health and human services sectors to continuously improve service integration and referral processes so we can provide Victorians seeking help with as seamless an experience as possible.

Our learning and development program aims to strengthen the skills of Gambler’s Help professionals and others who work with people affected by gambling. It is informed by the needs and feedback of counsellors, community educators and venue support workers from our mainstream, In-language and Aboriginal Gambler’s Help services.

We also collaborate with other sectors in providing and receiving training so we can deliver more holistic services.