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The facts

  • Sport and gambling have become increasingly linked.
  • Sports betting advertising has increased in recent years.
  • There's a growing culture of gambling in sports.

We can help and support you

The foundation's LOVE THE GAME Sporting Club Program aims to counter the growing culture of gambling in sport and to create safe and healthy sporting clubs.

We help clubs preserve the essence of their sport by separating gambling from the game, and shifting the focus back to the love of the game, not the odds.

Benefits for your club

  • Members receive free and interactive information sessions.
  • Members are equipped with the knowledge to avoid gambling harm.
  • On-going, personalised support to help you implement the program.
  • Free social media content to promote healthy messages to your membership base.
  • Community recognition through promotion of your club on our website, as a safe and healthy sporting environment.
  • Your club gains a competitive edge for seeking grant funding.

How do you get involved?

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