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Gambling advertising is changing the way kids see sport.

The facts

Never before has gambling been so heavily promoted and accessible, especially through sport. This makes it feel like a normal part of the game and harder for students to recognise potential harm.

We can help and support you

Drawing on the latest research we support your secondary school community to help students love the game, not the odds and develop healthy and informed attitudes to gambling.

Our LOVE THE GAME School Education Program offers:

  • free face-to-face information sessions for teachers, parents and students
  • units of work to incorporate in your curriculum plans across a variety of subject areas
  • useful resources for parents.

You can select these and other strategies for reducing gambling harm in the program’s School gambling policy template (DOC - 604 KB) which can be adapted to suit your school’s needs.

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The program provides a range of secondary curriculum-based resources and targeted sessions.

Professional development session for teachers (30-40mins)

Host this session to inform school staff about key issues related to gambling and young people and how they can help students become  critical thinkers in an environment where gambling is being increasingly normalised.

Information session for parents (30-40mins)

Host this session to inform parents about the key issues related to gambling and young people, and how they can help their child develop healthy and informed attitudes to gambling.

Senior student workshop (one hour)

Host this session for Year 10 to 12 classes, including VCAL.

Through a range of interactive tasks, this workshop enables students to:

  • explore the potential influences that may shape their gambling attitudes and behaviour, especially sports betting advertising and games that look like gambling
  • discover why gambling is a means of spending money rather than making money
  • recognise when gambling may be becoming a concern for themselves or someone they know and be aware of the help services available.

To ensure students gain maximum benefit, this workshop is designed for 25 students or fewer.

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Units of work for the classrorom

Use these curriculum-based units in your planning for a variety of subject areas for Years 10 to 12.

These resources have been mapped to:

  • Compulsory VCAL strands including Literacy and Numeracy skills and Personal Development Skills
  • Year 10 Humanities, Critical and creative thinking and social capability
  • VCE Health and Human Development

Useful resources for parents

Help raise awareness amongst parents about the key issues related to gambling and young people through resources such as factsheets (PDF - 130 KB) and school newsletter articles (ZIP - 769.9 KB).

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