Young people and gambling

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Young people and gambling

The facts

  • Young people no longer just experience gambling at a distance.
  • Eight in 10 teenagers have participated in some form of gambling.
  • On average, one teen in every high school class has an issue with gambling.

The concerns

Gambling is increasingly a part of everyday life. Teens see it everywhere - in sport, advertising, online games, social media and in the behaviour of those around them.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can gamble at any time, day or night - even if they're underage. This normalisation of gambling makes teens less likely to recognise the dangers, further increasing the risk they will gamble.

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What's the big deal? Talking to teens about gambling

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Information, tools and tips to support you

The foundation engages young people, their families and the community. We raise awareness of the risks associated with gambling and foster responsible gambling behaviour.

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