Community education and prevention

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Supporting Victorians who choose to gamble begins with education and awareness. Our community education and prevention programs aim to foster a culture of responsible gambling and raise awareness about the risks and signs of problem gambling.

We help people recognise when gambling is causing harm, and where they can go to find help. We also provide a range of online, printed and multimedia educational resources for the community.

Our key community education and prevention activities include:

State-wide campaigns

We develop innovative state-wide campaigns to raise awareness about the risks of gambling and promote responsible gambling. We base the themes and messages of our campaigns on evidence provided through our research program and we conduct focus testing to ensure they resonate with the right people.

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Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) has been held annually since 2006 to encourage activities around the state with a focus on local community. It aims to generate discussion and raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to gambling. RGAW is a partnership between the foundation, the gambling industry, the community sector and the Victorian and local governments.

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We partner with high profile sporting organisations around Victoria to help promote responsible gambling. Our partners help us reach groups of people who may be vulnerable to risky gambling behaviours, such as young men and sports fans.

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Primary care partnerships

To broaden our reach, we work through partnerships that bring together local health, community and welfare organisations to raise awareness of problem gambling, and encourage links with Gambler's Help services.

These organisations can play a crucial role in identifying clients with gambling problems, providing advice and referring clients to specialist problem gambling services.

Community educators

The foundation supports a regional network of community educators and health and welfare educators to promote Gambler's Help services across the state.

We also have specialist programs for key groups including indigenous communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, gambling venue staff, health and welfare professionals, youth and school children.

Venue support program

As outlined in the Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct, gaming venues in Victoria have responsibilities to identify and respond to patrons showing signs of distress which may be related to problem gambling.

To support and assist venues in fulfilling these responsibilities, the foundation funds the Gambler's Help Venue Support Program, which includes over 20 Venue Support Workers throughout Victoria.

This support helps gaming venues to:

  • identify and respond to patrons displaying signs of problem gambling
  • raise awareness among venue staff about, and encourage referrals to Gambler's Help services, self-exclusion programs and other community support services
  • meet the requirements of their Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct
  • create and maintain responsible gambling environments

The Venue Support Program also has a role in the delivery of Responsible Service of Gaming training aimed to equip gaming venue staff with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure that gaming is provided responsibly.