Awareness and prevention

To make gambling safer in our state, we want to increase community awareness about both the risks of gambling and the help available to those with a gambling problem.

This is the mission of the foundation's community education and prevention programs.

Awareness campaigns

We run regular advertising campaigns to raise awareness in the community about the risks of gambling and equip people with the knowledge to gamble safely.

Prevention Partnership Program

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s Prevention Partnership Program aims to help prevent and reduce gambling-related harm within local communities across Victoria.

Community education and prevention

Gambling advertising is changing the way we see sport. The amount of gambling advertising we are being exposed to on a daily basis would make it seem like gambling is now just a normal part of sport.

Love the game, not the odds

Our community education and prevention programs aim to foster a culture of responsible gambling and raise awareness about the risks and signs of problem gambling.


Gambling advertising is changing the way our kids see sport.

School education program

Never before has gambling been so heavily promoted and accessible, especially through sport.

Sporting club program

Gambling is fast becoming a normal part of sport. Our 'love the game' sporting club program aims to counter the growing culture of gambling in sport, and to create safe and healthy sporting clubs.

Gambling and the workplace

This increase in the availability and accessibility of online gambling means gambling in the workplace, and during working hours, is now more possible than ever.

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