What is the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation?

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The foundation is a statutory authority created by the Victorian Parliament specifically to address the challenge of gambling harm in the Victorian community.

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation was brought into effect by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Act 2011 (PDF - 71.2 KB).

Our vision

A Victoria free from gambling-related harm

Our mission

To improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians by working with our communities and government to deliver effective, evidence-based initiatives and innovative approaches to prevent gambling harm and provide support for those seeking help

Our strategic objectives for 2017–18

Our strategic objectives guide our work and reflect the current issues we are addressing within the gambling environment. Our focus in 2017–18 is to:

1. Strengthen and use the evidence base for reducing gambling harm

  • Build the gambling knowledge base
  • Build research capacity
  • Use evidence to develop effective initiatives to reduce harm

2. Deliver prevention initiatives that build community awareness of gambling harm

  • Promote and monitor safer gambling environments
  • Influence community attitudes and behaviours towards gambling

3. Deliver effective support for those seeking help

  • Provide a range of treatment and support services across multiple delivery platforms
  • Build capacity for collaboration among health and community services professionals to improve pathways

4. Advocate within government for policy reform

  • Develop evidence-based policy positions to advise governments on reducing harm from gambling