Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The foundation is here to help prevent and reduce harm from gambling in the community. We are also responsible for fostering greater understanding and awareness of responsible gambling in the wider community.

Treatment and support services

We fund a network of organisations across Victoria to deliver integrated treatment and support services to people experiencing harm from gambling, their families and communities. Our range of services include telephone, face-to-face, online and financial counselling, advice and information.

Community education and prevention

Our community education and prevention programs include statewide advertising campaigns, community education activities, events such as Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, a schools education program, a sporting clubs program and working with venues to help create safer gambling environments.

Professional Development Centre

The foundation aims to continually improve clinical services received by gamblers seeking treatment in Victoria. Our Professional Development Centre has been created to support the training and development needs of Gambler's Help clinicians, so that they can provide the best service possible to their clients.


Our research program provides a strong evidence base to help us better understand gambling; this knowledge is used to develop effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Gambling Information Resource Office (GIRO)

We provide information to community groups, local government and the public about gambling and its regulation in Victoria.

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