Video transcript: The many helpers

Rick Loos: Our role is about really connecting people who were initially seeking help with help.

Georgie Bedford:  What inspires me is helping people get out of the depths of dispair and when life has just fallen apart. 

Dr Phil Townshend: Many ways to help just means being able to match what counsellors are doing with a particular person that's in front of them. 

Marian Royter: I think it is such interesting work. I meet with people from all sorts of walks of life and assisting people, they usually come in when there is a crisis. When the gambling has gone out of control. 

Serge Sardo: So the objective of this campaign is to raise their awareness so as they don't move into the problem gambling phase. 

Associate Professor Nicki Dowling: I am a clinician as well so I come from that prespective of trying to predominantly create treatment programs and self-help programs and prevention programs with people with gambling problems.

Judy Avisar: And it's just very exiciting to be doing things that empower people who have struggled with11 addiction. 

Professor Dan Lubman: I think the great thing about my job is that I can feel that I can get up in the morning and make a difference to people's lives. What we know, initial like gambling for example, which affects such a significant proportion of the population. We know that many people don't get help. 

Serge Sardo: Gambling, you can virtually gamble every ten or fifteen seconds now with the way technology has gone and we have been told to gamble essentially on an hourly basis in many ways. In 2012, there were an estimated 55 ads per day, every day on free-to-air television.

Kaye Tulloh: You know, if we didn't have prevention, the problems would be much worse and we have certainly seen that over the years. 

Rick: We are seeing alot more people gambling online. So providing a service that is avaliable online to get help is an important thing and people seeing a greater utilisation of that. 

Esther Gregory: We know that we make a difference. It is just very exciting to be doing things that empower people who have struggled with addiction.

Dr Phil: This thing about the conference is that it has broaden the minds of the people that came. 

Kim Yu: It is a very a challenging job but at the same time, it is rewarding.