Gambling addiction and neuroscience

Meet Dr Luke Clark

Director, Centre for Gambling Research
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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Dr Luke Clark talks about the latest in neuroscience studies on gambling addiction, and how the brain responds to a gambling win the same way it responds to a drug hit - hence the addictive nature of gambling.

At the Many ways to help conference 2014, Dr Clark gave a keynote presentation. Find out more.

Meet Professor Murat Yucel

Monash University School of Psychological Sciences

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Professor Murat Yucel explains the way gambling addiction and reward systems work in the brain. By studying the similarities between different addictions, he shares his enthusiasm for finding new ways to treat gambling addiction from a neuroscience perspective.

During the Many ways to help conference 2014, Professor Murat Yucel chaired a workshop for leading national and international researchers on gambling addiction. Find out more.