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Regulation of Electronic gaming machines (EGMs or Pokies)

Upcoming hearings

  • The VCGLR provides information and documents relating to upcoming application hearings on their website.

Gambling decisions

  • The VCGLR also publishes its decisions and the reasons for its decisions on EGM gambling applications. The list of decisions goes back to 2001

Reviews of decisions

  • The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) hears reviews of VCGLR decisions. Recent VCAT decisions can be found using the Austlii database. VCAT does not publish on the web information or dates of upcoming hearings.

Social impacts

Social impacts of Pokies

  • The Social and Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) Framework for EGMs is an online evidence base and data book for Victorian local government staff, community members and applicants to build their own social impact assessments.

Information on community benefit statements

  • The VCGLR provides information on community benefit statements filed by each venue that give a breakdown by category of where community benefit money was actually spent and combined summaries of total community benefit funds spent by local government area. For example, how much was spent on staff or subsidies to members, or on provision of benefits to members of the community outside the club.

Pokies in Victoria

Victoria's gaming venues map

  • This map from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) shows information about gaming venues in each Local Government Area, including expenditure, population statistics and socio-economic indicators.


List, map and contact details for Gambler's Help Services

  • Foundation funded Gamblers' Help Services offer face-to-face help and financial counselling at over 90 locations across Victoria. There are five metropolitan services and seven regional ones. Local governments working in the gambling space may find them a useful source of information and advice. Some councils have partnered with Gamblers' Help services for specific events and projects.

Local government

Associations and working groups

Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

  • The MAV assists local councils with gambling issues by advocating on behalf of councils and coordinating local government responses and strategies to manage problem gambling and other areas of regulation for which councils are responsible. The MAV also has a section on gambling on its website.

Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)

  • The VLGA is the industry association for professionals in local government in Victoria. Their responsible gambling page contains information from their Local Government Working Group on Gambling.

Geelong Gambling Advisory Committee

  • The Geelong Gambling Advisory Commitee considers issues around gambling in the wider Geelong area. The Committee consists of councillor representatives from the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, Golden Plains Shire, Borough of Queenscliffe, the gambling industry and local gamblers help services.
  • For more information about the Geelong Gambling Advisory Committee, contact Steve Levakis at the City of Greater Geelong (Community Development) by phone on 03 5272 4044 or by email.

Local government pages on gambling

City of Ballarat – Responsible gambling

  • The City of Ballarat's responsible gambling page provides information on local EGM expenditure, the role of local government in the assessment of EGM applications, the Ballarat Responsible Gambling Committee, and links to further information and Gambler's Help services.

City of Greater Dandenong – Gambling

  • Dandenong Council's gambling page provides substantial information and links to resources, including A review of gambling related Issues 2013, a report summarising the available evidence about the distribution and growth of EGM losses, distribution of pokie machines, measurement of the extent of gambling-related problems, council policy responses and other issues.

City of Greater Geelong – Gambling in Geelong

  • Geelong Council has a webpage detailing area specific gambling information and data, and links to its gaming policy and action plan.

City of Kingston - Gambling (Poker Machines) strategy

  • This page provides links to, and information about, its gaming policy, information on the role of government concerning gaming machine applications, and links to local Gambler's Help services.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council - Gambling information

  • This page details local data and resources on gambling in the Macedon Ranges Shire Council area, submissions submitted by council, information about the Romsey pokies decision, and references for planners and local government in regards to EGMs.

Maroondah City Council – Gambling

  • Maroondah's gambling page provides information about its gaming policy, links to submissions, and links to local help services.

City of Monash – Problem Gambling in Monash

  • The City of Monash has a page on problem gambling, which contains local statistics on gambling, information on the Monash responsible gambling taskforce, links to its responsible gambling strategy, and local Gambler's Help services.

Moreland City Council - Responsible gambling

  • Moreland's responsible gambling page lists local information and data, as well as their Gambling strategy and action plan. There is also a link to recently completed research on the local impacts of EGM gambling in the Moreland area.

City of Whitehorse – Responsible gambling

  • The City of Whitehorse's gambling page provides local area gambling statistics and links to help services.

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