Guide to pokies application process

Under Victorian law, local councils and communities can have a say about:

  • the opening of a new venue with electronic gaming machines (EGMs or pokies) and
  • an increase in EGMs in an existing venue.

Introducing more pokies involves two types of regulations that allow local government and public input.

  1. A council may make a submission to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) with regard to licensing the machines
  2. The council may grant or refuse a planning permit for the machines and the public or applicant may then object to that decision. Objections are heard by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

The foundation has developed guides to the applications process for EGMs as an online resource for communities and local government officers to make responding to planning and license applications for gaming machines clearer and more accessible.

The below guides are designed to help with submissions to the VCGLR or VCAT and feature useful resources including links to relevant legislation and research, case studies of applications, fact sheets and charts that show how applications are processed. They also contain a section on undertaking community attitude surveys as part of a response to an application.


Guides to Application processes for electronic gaming machines

Guide 1: What happens when someone applies for a licence to install new, or additional EGMs in your area?

Guide 2: Who needs a planning permit for EGMs and how can local government respond?

Guide 3: How important are community attitudes to EGMs and how can you conduct a survey of community attitudes?

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