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What is wagering?

Wagering is the placing of a bet on the outcome of a racing, sporting or other event.

Who is permitted to offer wagering in Victoria?

Tabcorp Wagering (Vic) Pty Ltd ("Tabcorp") holds the exclusive licence to offer off-course wagering and betting in Victoria.

This permits Tabcorp to operate wagering outlets at hotels, clubs and stand-alone TAB agencies. At these outlets, punters can place bets with a TAB operator at a terminal or directly themselves at an Electronic Betting Terminal (EBT).

Tabcorp is also permitted to accept bets from punters who have a telephone or online betting account with them.

At racetracks, on-course wagering can be offered by Tabcorp and by licensed bookmakers.

What is the TAB?

TAB stands for Totalisator Agency Board. Originally set up by the Victorian government in 1961, the TAB was privatised in 1994 and became Tabcorp.

How many TAB outlets are there in Victoria?

As at 5 February 2014, there were 747 outlets in Victoria.

Are there restrictions in betting at the TAB?

It is unlawful for Tabcorp to allow someone under 18 years to place a bet.

A penalty of over $18,000 applies.

It is also unlawful for someone under 18 years to place a bet or for a person to assist someone under 18 years to place a bet.

A penalty of over $1,500 applies.

In addition, Tabcorp must comply with the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct approved by the VCGLR.

See more of the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

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