Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne is the only casino in Victoria and therefore is the only venue in the state permitted to offer table games.

Crown is licensed to offer:

  • 440 gaming tables (for example blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette)
  • 200 automated table game terminals (for example, baccarat and roulette)
  • 100 poker tables, and
  • 2,628 electronic gaming machines (EGMs)

The Casino and Gambling Legislation and Amendment Act 2014 entered into force 22 October 2014. Under this Act, Crown is nowpermitted to operate an additional 128 EGMs, 40 table games, and 50 automated table game terminals.

Crown Casino is governed by its own legislation, the Casino Control Act 1991 and the Casino (Management Agreement) Act 1993.

Although Crown is required to follow the same standards and requirements as other gaming venues, some exceptions apply.

  • Crown is permitted to operate 24 hours a day
  • Smoking is permitted in high roller areas
  • Crown can offer higher bets per spin on some poker machines than the $5 limit that applies elsewhere
  • Crown is permitted to operate more EGMs than any other single venue, other venues in Victoria are capped at 105 machines, and
  • Crown has been permitted to alter the rules of certain table games to increase the odds in its favour (house edge).

Crown is the 11th largest casino in the world and its revenue is more than twice that of the largest casino in Las Vegas. Australia is the fifth largest casino market in the world, following US, Macau, Canada and Singapore (Source: GBGC).

Between July 2013 and June 2014, 19 million people visited Crown Melbourne and a total of $1.99 billion was lost on electronic gaming machines and table games. 

Crown Melbourne paid the Victorian government a total of $207.7 million in taxes and levies on electronic gaming machines and table games during this period (this includes the supertax of $24.45 million). 

Further information

For further information, visit GIRO's FAQs on the regulation of gambling in Victoria.

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