Donaldson, P et al (2015) Attitudes towards gambling and gambling reform in Australia

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Donaldson, P, Rockloff, MJ, Browne, M, Sorenson, CM, Langham, E & Li, E 2015, 'Attitudes towards gambling and gambling reform in Australia,' Journal of Gambling Studies, online 21 February 2015.

  • This study examined the Attitudes Towards Gambling Scale (ATSG) and its applicability in Australia.
    • The ATGS was originally used in the UK to examine attitudes in the UK population towards gambling.
    • The ATGS consists of 14 statements selected from media, government and industry about gambling.
  • In particular, the study examined whether the ATGS could be used to evaluate attitudes towards gambling legislative and regulatory reform.
  • The study surveyed 1794 adults in Australia via an online survey.
  • The study found the ATGS is a useful tool for examining general attitudes towards gambling in Australia

View a summary in the April 2015 GIRO Research Update

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