Children and sports betting: attitudes and intent to consume

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The central question posed here is how advertising affects children’s intention to gamble

While previous work by these authors has established that children in Australia are potentially exposed to a high level of gambling advertising, depending on their viewing habits and love of sport, there is a gap in knowledge around factors that influence their attitudes to gambling products.

The study is based on qualitative interviews of children in Melbourne aged 8-16.

The study found that children’s views were influenced by what they had seen or heard about products, their alignment with sport, influence of family, and links with culturally valued events. Many children indicated consumption intentions towards sports betting.

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Pitt, H. Thomas, SL. Bestman, A. Daube, M. Deverensky, J. 2017 Factors that influence children’s gambling attitudes and consumption intentions: lessons for gambling harm prevention research, policies and advocacy strategies Harm Reduction Journal 14:11

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