Grants for Gambling Research Program – Round 4

The following projects investigate sociology, cultural differences, mental health, product preferences and styles of play.

For published reports from completed projects, visit our library of published research.

Using event-related brain potentials (brain waves) and autonomic measures to differentiate problem from non-problem gamblers

Associate Professor Craig Gonsalvez
University of Wollongong

This study involves a systematic examination of physiological responses to wins, losses, fake-wins and other features related to electronic gaming machines.

A qualitative investigation of the experiences, attitudes and beliefs about gambling and problem gambling help services, of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds

Professor Susan Feldman
Monash University

The researchers interview members of the Chinese and Tamil communities about their experiences, attitudes and beliefs about gambling and help seeking for gambling-related problems.

How do social factors interact with gambling messages to shape gambling attitudes, risk/benefit perceptions, and behaviours? A study of Victorian families

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas
University of Wollongong

This project investigates how parents and adolescents (13-18) interpret and respond to the range different types of gambling messages that they are exposed to in their everyday lives.

A comparative study of men and women gamblers in Victoria: Product preferences, styles of play and risk and protective factors

Professor Nerilee Hing
Southern Cross University

The study examines differences between men and women to identify risk and protective factors for problem and at-risk gambling. The study extends on analysis conducted for A Study of Gambling in Victoria, Problem Gambling from a Public Health Perspective.

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