Research programs and activities

The foundation manages a range of research programs and activities that align with the priorities identified in our research agenda.

Grants for Gambling Research Program

The Grants for Gambling Research Program provides funding for independent research projects on topics related to gambling and problem gambling. Over $3 million has been allocated to fund 31 projects across sixrounds of grants since 2006. A seventh round of grants was launched in early 2015.

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Grants for Clinical Research on Gambling Program

The Grants for Clinical Research on Gambling Program is a new grant program that funds clinically focused gambling research in Victoria. The first round of the program funded five projects on gambling treatment and recovery.

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Victorian gambling study

This three-year longitudinal study explores gambling in Victoria, Australia, from a public health perspective. The study commenced in 2008 by surveying a random sample of 15,000 Victorian adults. Participants from this initial survey were then surveyed each year for the next three years with findings captured in yearly reports, referred to as waves.

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Study of gambling and health in Victoria

This is the first major study to measure problem gambling in Victoria in six years. The report presents findings from a 2014 exploration into participation in gambling in Victoria and the prevalence of problem and at-risk gambling. It compares findings with those of a 2008 survey published in A study of gambling in Victoria – problem gambling from a public health perspective (Hare, 2009).

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Conceptualising gambling-related harm

Conceptualising gambling-related harm is a new research project exploring the harms associated with gambling in the Victorian community.

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Problem gambling in people seeking treatment for a mental illness

Problem gambling in people seeking treatment for a mental illness is a new research project exploring the relationship between problem gambling, mental illness and the provision of treatment.

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Problem gambling treatment trial

The foundation is funding a large-scale randomised controlled trial through Monash University and the University of Melbourne to study the effectiveness of several treatment therapies for people with gambling problems.

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