Young people and gambling

Parents and adolescents discuss gambling advertising: a qualitative study

November 2014

Samantha Thomas

This study examines how parents and their adolescent children conceptualise gambling advertising. In particular, it examines how messages in advertising are interpreted and how these interpretations influence perceptions of the risks and benefits of different types of gambling.

Download the report (PDF - 222.5 KB)

Predicting problem gambling: a prospective study of the influence of adolescent risk taking and mental health on gambling during emerging adulthood

December 2012

Sarah Whittle, Murat Yücel, Himani Kashyap
The University of Melbourne

This exploratory study involved 156 participants from the Orygen Adolescent Development Study, and investigates how gender interacts with risk taking behaviours, temperament and psychiatric symptoms.

Download the report (PDF - 356.7 KB)

Australian teens and poker: gambling prevalence, influences and implications

October 2011

Dr Sudhir Kalé
Bond University

This research investigates gambling prevalence and poker gambling among Victorian teenagers based on an online survey of 2,000 respondents.

Download the report (PDF - 522.3 KB)

Factors affecting youth gambling: a comprehensive model of the antecedents and consequences of gambling in younger people

December 2011

Richard Bell and Jennifer Boldero
University of Melbourne

This study investigated a range of factors associated with gambling related problems among young people.

Download the report (PDF - 1783.2 KB)

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