Problem gambling

Using event-related brain potentials (brain waves) and automatic measures to differentiate problem from non-problem gamblers: Final overview report

October 2014

Robert Barry, Craig Gonsalvez and Lisa Lole

This study sought to examine the psychophysiological responses of both problem and non-problem gamblers during actual gambling activity in licensed club venues.

Download the report (PDF - 120.8 KB)

A study of gambling in Victoria - problem gambling from a public health perspective

September 2009

Victorian Government Department of Justice

This study is Victoria's first epidemiological study investigating problem gambling and health. Finding from the study are based on a representative sample of 15,000 Victorians who were asked a series of questions in relation to gambling and health.

Download the report (PDF - 4650.6 KB)

The Victorian gambling study - qualitative component

December 2012

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This report presents results from the study's quanlitative component to provide detailed insights into the experiences of those with gambling problems.

Download the report (PDF - 836.9 KB)

The Victorian gambling study - A longitudinal study of gambling and public health: wave two findings

June 2011

Victorian government
Department of Justice

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This second report from the study presents findings in relation to participants who completed two waves of data collection between 2008 and 2009.

Download the report (PDF - 586.4 KB)

The Victorian gambling study - A longitudinal study of gambling and public health: wave three findings

December 2012

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This third report from the study presents findings from the 4158 participants who completed three waves of data collection between 2008 and 2011.

Download the report (PDF - 1343.3 KB)

Testing the link between accessibility and gambling problems: gambling and problem gambling amongst gaming venue staff

July 2009

Professor Nerilee Hing and Sharon Nisbet
Southern Cross University

The study aimed to test the link between accessibility to gambling and the prevalence of problem gambling by comparing gambling behaviour and prevalence of problem gambling among gaming venue staff and those with high accessibility to gaming venues compared to the general population and those with low accessibility to gaming venues.

Download the report (PDF - 6529.1 KB)

Comorbid problem gambling in substance users seeking treatment

February 2014

Dr Sean Cowlishaw
Monash University

This research provided an estimate of the prevalence of pathological and problem gambling among people in treatment for substance use problems and explored gambling problems among those seeking treatment for substance use.

Download the report (PDF - 706.9 KB)

Problem gambling in people presenting to a public mental health service

October 2011

Anthony de Castella, Pip Bolding, Adeline Lee, Sonja Cosic,, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni
Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre

The study sought to identify the prevalence of problem gambling among people presenting to a public mental health service, and understand emotional, mental and physical health problems of this client group.

Download the report (PDF - 1145 KB)

Socio-economic impacts of access to electronic gaming machines in Victoria: effects on demand and communities

December 2011

Dr Kerry Brown
Queensland University of Technology

This report examines the socio-economic impacts of accessibility to gaming machine gambling in Victorian communities and in disadvantaged communities in particular.

Download the report (PDF - 1466.3 KB)

Problem gambling vulnerability: the interaction between access, individual cognitions & group beliefs/ preferences

August 2010

Dr Anna Thomas
Swinburne University

This report tests the link between access, individual and group beliefs and preferences to determine problem gambling vulnerability.

Download the report (PDF - 474.8 KB)

Cognitive versus exposure therapy for problem gambling: A pilot randomised controlled trial

July 2013

Professor Malcolm Battersby, Mr David Smith, Professor Peter Harvey, Dr Rene Pols
Flinders Human Behaviour and Health Research Unit, Flinders University

This report documents the findings of a pilot randomised control trial of exposure therapy and cognitive therapy for the treatment of problem gambling.

Download the report (PDF - 708.7 KB)

Australian teens and poker: gambling prevalence, influences and implications

October 2011

Dr Sudhir Kalé
Bond University

This research investigates gambling prevalence and poker gambling among Victorian teenagers based on an online survey of 2,000 respondents.

Download the report (PDF - 522.3 KB)

Predicting problem gambling: a prospective study of the influence of adolescent risk taking and mental health on gambling during emerging adulthood

December 2012

Sarah Whittle, Murat Yücel, Himani Kashyap
The University of Melbourne

This exploratory study involved 156 participants from the Orygen Adolescent Development Study, and investigates how gender interacts with risk taking behaviours, temperament and psychiatric symptoms.

Download the report (PDF - 356.7 KB)

Factors affecting youth gambling: a comprehensive model of the antecedents and consequences of gambling in younger people

December 2011

Richard Bell and Jennifer Boldero
University of Melbourne

This study investigated a range of factors associated with gambling related problems among young people.

Download the report (PDF - 1783.2 KB)

The relationship between crime and gaming expenditure in Victoria

June 2010

Dr Sarah Wheeler, Professor David K Round and Dr John K Wilson
University of South Australia

This study explored the relationship between gambling and criminal activity.

Download the report (PDF - 867.5 KB)

The relationship between gambling, significant life events, co-morbidity and associated social factors

November 2013

Louise Holdsworth, Elaine Nuske, Nerilee Hing
Centre for Gambling Education and Research, Southern Cross University

This qualitative study examined how levels of gambling and gambling-related problems are affected by significant life events, psychological co-morbidities and any related social factors amongst people who gamble recreationally and people who experience problems related to their gambling.

Download the report (PDF - 852.8 KB)

Gambler's tell their stories: an in-depth exploration of lifetime patterns of gambling

October 2012

Lise Saugeres, Anna Thomas, Susan Moore and Glen Bates
Swinburne University

This qualitative study supports existing research on problem gambling, and examines how early life experiences and life events influence gambling patterns and motivations over time.

Download the report (PDF - 685.7 KB)

Problem gambling in Victoria: identifying local area community and gaming industry risk and protective factors

June 2010

Monica J Barratt, Michael Livingston and Sharon Matthews

This study examines the characteristics of local government areas associated with self-identified problem gambling, as assessed through call volume and clients using the Gambler's Help telephone line.

Download the report (PDF - 1077.9 KB)

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