Gambling attitudes and stigma

Lessons for the development of initiatives to tackle the stigma associated with problem gambling

May 2016

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

This research examined the effectiveness of anti-stigma initiatives in the areas of mental health, HIV/AIDS and gambling to understand the different appeal strategies used and to inform future anti-stigma initiatives for problem gambling.

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The Victorian gambling study - qualitative component

December 2012

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This report presents results from the study's qualitative component to provide detailed insights into the experiences of those with gambling problems.

Download the report (PDF - 836.9 KB)

Gambler's tell their stories: an in-depth exploration of lifetime patterns of gambling

October 2012

Lise Saugeres, Anna Thomas, Susan Moore and Glen Bates
Swinburne University

This qualitative study supports existing research on problem gambling, and examines how early life experiences and life events influence gambling patterns and motivations over time.

Download the report (PDF - 574.2 KB)

A study of gambling in Victoria – problem gambling from a public health perspective

September 2009

Victorian Government Department of Justice

This study is Victoria's first epidemiological study investigating problem gambling and health. Finding from the study are based on a representative sample of 15,000 Victorians who were asked a series of questions in relation to gambling and health.

Download the report (PDF - 4650.6 KB)

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