A great deal of research is undertaken in the area of gambling. Here the Gambling Information Resource Office (GIRO) presents links to a number of research resources. These include research reports that have been supported and funded by the foundation, as well as reports and summaries that you may find useful and interesting. You will also find information and links to other relevant academic and institutional research into gambling.

Foundation research program

The foundation's innovative research program provides a strong evidence base to help us better understand problem gambling with the aim of developing effective treatment and prevention services and strategies. We provide information on current and past research projects funded by the foundation and the Victorian Department of Justice.

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Recent research

This page provides abstracts on a large range of recently published research and links to full articles and reports.

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GIRO research updates

On this page you will find links to GIRO's research updates. These are digests primarily of academic research and reports

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GIRO reading lists

These pages provide lists of recommended reading on different gambling related topic areas.

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Academic research centres

This page provides a directory of academic centres and departments undertaking gambling research.

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GIRO research library 

View a list of mainly 'open access' research reports and articles. This includes reports published by the foundation, the Victorian Department of Justice, and the Federal Government of Australia.

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Short and sharp overviews and explanations of gambling regulation, data, and activities.

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We provide information on the gambling regulatory framework in Victoria and Australia as well as links to legislation.

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