RGAC discussion papers

The Responsible Gambling Advocacy Centre (RGAC) discussion papers provided overviews and introductions to issues in gambling and were based on published research. Topics for the discussion papers were suggested by trends in research, popular debate and feedback received from stakeholders and the general public.

RGAC discussion papers are listed below in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.


Women and gambling: Issues of difference (PDF - 642.9 KB)

Australian consumer behaviour online: Lessons for the study of online gambling  (PDF - 507.9 KB)

Online gambling: The state of play  (PDF - 529.6 KB)

Children and gambling: what do we know? (PDF - 542.7 KB)


Gambling regulation in Victoria (PDF - 786.8 KB)

What is responsible gambling? (PDF - 727.9 KB)

Advocacy for consumers and the community (PDF - 617.3 KB)

Gaps in gambling research (PDF - 585.3 KB)

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