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A losing bet? Alcohol and gambling: investigating parallels and shared solutions

M Leyshon and R Sakhuja

Alcohol Concern and Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales - February 2013

This report examines three parallels between gambling and alcohol.

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A comparative study of men and women gamblers in Victoria

Nerilee Hing, Alex Russell, Barry Tolchard & Lia Nower

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - October 2014

This study provides detailed analyses of similarities and differences between male and female gamblers in Victoria, Australia.

Download the report (PDF - 1547.7 KB)

A qualitative investigation of the experiences, attitudes and beliefs about gambling in Chinese and Tamil communities in Victoria

Susan Feldman, Harriet Radermacher, Christopher Anderson, and Marissa Dickins

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - May 2014

This study explores the experiences, attitudes and beliefs of individuals from Chinese and Tamil backgrounds toward gambling. The researchers investigated the role of gambling in the two communities, and how the migration experience had impacted upon gambling attitudes and participation.

Download the report (PDF - 1308.1 KB)

A study of gambling in Victoria – problem gambling from a public health perspective

Victorian Government Department of Justice - September 2009

This study is Victoria's first epidemiological study investigating problem gambling and health. Finding from the study are based on a representative sample of 15,000 Victorians who were asked a series of questions in relation to gambling and health.

Download the report (PDF - 4650.6 KB)

Adolescent simulated gambling via digital and social media: an emerging problem

DL King, PH Delfabbro, D Kaptsis and T Zwaans

Computers in Human Behaviour - February 2014

This study examined the prevalence of adolescent involvement in a range of digital and social media gambling activities, and the association between exposure to, and involvement in, simulated gambling and monetary gambling and indicators of pathological gambling risk.

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All in the family: help-seeking by significant others of problem gamblers

N Hing, M Tiyce, L Holdsworth and E Nuske

International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction - 2013

Based on interviews, this paper explores the help-seeking behaviour of 48 concerned significant others (CSOs) of problem gamblers.

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All mixed up together: women's experiences of problem gambling, comorbidity and co-occurring complex needs

L Holdsworth, E Nuske and H Breen

International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction - June 2013

This qualitative study examined the experiences and concerns of 20 female electronic gaming machine players through in-depth interviews.

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An analysis of the courts' assessment of problem gambling in sentencing

Luke D Neal

Criminal Law Journal - Vol.40 No.2 April 2016

Australian courts consistently state that the effects of having a gambling problem will not provide any excuse for a lesser punishment for a crime. The paper examines reasons given by Australian courts of appeal for not taking problem gambling into account as a reason to reduce the severity of punishment. It suggests that the reasoning has been uncertain and based on a lack of understanding how gambling problems reduce the ability of those affected to make rational choices. The article proposes reforming how courts assess problem gambling as a mitigating factor.

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Assessing gambling-related harm in Victoria: a public health perspective

Browne, M, Langham, E, Rawat, V, Greer, N, Li, E, Rose, J, Rockloff, M, Donaldson, P, Thorne, H, Goodwin, B, Bryden, G & Best, T

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - April 2016

The aim of this project was to systematically investigate gambling-related harm in Victoria and assess the aggregate 'burden of harm' with reference to different levels of problem gambling, and other comparable conditions.

Download Assessing gambling-related harm in Victoria: a public health perspective (PDF - 3307.8 KB)

Assessment of poker machine expenditure and community benefit claims in selected Commonwealth electoral divisions

C Livingstone, C Kipsaina and A Rintoul

Uniting Care Australia - April 2012

This research looked at gaming machine spending and socioeconomic data for 41 Commonwealth Electoral Divisions.

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Australian Gambling Statistics

Official statistical compilation of expenditure and turnover in gambling in Australia and by state and territory. Available in pdf format and with spreadsheets

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Australian teens and poker: gambling prevalence, influences and implications

Dr Sudhir Kalé

Office of Gaming and Racing, Victorian Government Department of Justice, Melbourne - October 2011

This research investigates gambling prevalence and poker gambling among Victorian teenagers based on an online survey of 2,000 respondents.

Download the report (PDF - 522.3 KB)


Behavioural indicators of responsible gambling consumption

Hing, N, Russell, A & Hronis, A

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - October 2016

View GIRO's recent research summary and download the report

Betting patterns for sports and races: a longitudinal analysis of online wagering in Australia

SM Gainsbury and A Russell

Journal of Gambling Studies - 29 October 2013

This article is based on a study of over 2.5 million online bets placed with an NT based sports betting operator in the areas of racing and sports betting over one year.

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Brand community and sports betting in Australia

Dr Ross Gordon and Michael Chapman
Macquarie University

Victoria Responsible Gambling Foundation - December 2014

This project explores the presence and use of brand community in relation to sports betting.

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Can an industry be socially responsible if its products harm consumers? The case of online gambling.

M Yani-de-Soriano, U Javed and S Yousafzai

Journal of Business Ethics - 4 October 2012

The authors argue that due to the harmful repercussions stemming from their product, online gambling companies cannot meet the levels of corporate social responsibility available to other industries.

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Child and parent recall of gambling sponsorship in Australian sport

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - May 2016

Thomas, SL, Pitt, H, Bestman, A, Randle, M, Daube, M, Pettigrew, S

This study explored child and parent recall of sports betting and gambling brand sponsorship of Australian Football League, National Rugby League and soccer teams.

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The classification accuracy of four problem gambling assessment instruments in population research

Robert J Williams & Rachel Volberg

International Gambling Studies - October 2013

Instrument screens underpin prevalence studies of problem gambling. A series of questions is used to estimate categories of gambling risk into which those screened fall. This study tested the accuracy of these four of these screens against actual clinical diagnoses. They found all were good for identifying most non-problem gamblers but only the Problem and Pathological Gambling Measure was good at identifying those with problems. The others were regarded as having only modest accuracy. The Canadian Problem Gambling Severity Index, used in Victorian prevelance surveys was seen as fairly good at predicting risk but as it currently scores people as identified problem gamblers it may be missing around 50 per cent of them.

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Cognitive versus exposure therapy for problem gambling: A pilot randomised controlled trial

Professor Malcolm Battersby, Mr David Smith, Professor Peter Harvey, Dr Rene Pols

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - July 2013

This report documents the findings of a pilot randomised control trial of exposure therapy and cognitive therapy for the treatment of problem gambling.

Download the report (PDF - 708.7 KB)

Comorbid problem gambling and major depression in a community sample

L Quigley, I Yakovenko, DC Hodgins, KS Dobson, N el-Guebaly, DM Casey, SR Currie, GJ Smith, RJ Williams and DP Schopflocher

Journal of Gambling Studies August 2014 (online)

This study examines Canadian problem gamblers with and without depression.

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Comorbid problem gambling in substance users seeking treatment

Dr Sean Cowlishaw

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - February 2014

This research provided an estimate of the prevalence of pathological and problem gambling among people in treatment for substance use problems and explored gambling problems among those seeking treatment for substance use.

Download the report (PDF - 706.9 KB)

Complex lives: co-occurring conditions of problem gambling

Helen Miller

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - April 2014

This backrgound paper examines the latest research from around the world, including studies funded by the foundation that focus on co-occurring conditions or comorbidities of problem gambling.

Download the background paper   (PDF - 307.6 KB)

Conceptualisation of gambling risks and benefits: a socio-cultural study of 100 gamblers

Dr Samanatha Thomas and Ms Sophie Lewis

Office of Gaming and Racing, Victorian Government Department of Justice - March 2012

This qualitative study investigates how gamblers think about gambling. Researchers interviewed 100 adults who had gambled at least once during the previous year.

Download the report (PDF - 685.7 KB)

Cross-sector collaboration: implication's for Gambler's Help

Maria Davidenko, Melinda Goodyear, Shane Weir, Jacqui Sundbery

The Bouverie Centre - August 2014

This paper examines cross-sector collaboration in the gambling field. The paper concludes cross-sector collaboration is about health and welfare services working together with Gambler's Help to provide coordinated, quality services for people with gambling problems, particularly for clients with complex needs.

Download the background paper (PDF - 828.3 KB)

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Delusions of expertise: the high standard of proof needed to demonstrate skills at horserace handicapping

M Browne, MJ Rockloff, A Blaszczynski, C Allcock and A Windross

Journal of Gambling Studies - 29 November 2013

This study of off-track racecourse betting establishes that very large amounts of bets must be assessed before any conclusions can be drawn about the skill, as opposed to the luck, of a punter.

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Developing and validating a scale to measure the enacted and felt stigma of gambling

Dr Phillip Donaldson, Dr Talitha Best, Ms Erika Langham, Mr Matthew Browne and Ms Anthea Oorloff

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - September 2015

This study investigated the stigma associated with gambling in the context of both internally experienced and externalised (perceived) stigma.

Download the report (PDF - 2005.2 KB)

Do advertising and promotions for online gambling increase gambling consumption?

N Hing, L Cherney, A Blaszczynski, S Gainsbury and D Lubman

International Gambling Studies - 15 April 2014

This study explores ways in which advertising and promotion of Internet gambling may contribute to increased consumption of gambling.

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Effectiveness of problem gambling brief telephone interventions: a randomised controlled trial

M Abbott, M Bellringer, A Vandal, D Hodgins, K Palmer Du Preez, J Landon, S Sullivan and V Feigin

Gambling and Addictions Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology - 6 June 2013

This report presents the findings of the world's largest clinical trial for problem gambling treatment, involving 462 callers to New Zealand's Gambling Helpline.

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Estimating gambling venue catchments for impact assessment using a calibrated gravity model

Francis Markham, Bruce Doran and Martin Young

International Journal of Geographical Information Science - October 2013 (online)

This research investigated the access and use of gambling venues in the Northern Territory (NT). Two key aims of the study were to explore differences in venue attractiveness for different subgroups in the population and to test the ability of an existing spatial model (the Huff model) to describe the distribution of gambling venue patrons.

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Equal access extra risk research for carers

Central West Gippsland PCP

This research reports on the barriers and enablers of community participation for people with an intellectual disability or acquired brain injury.

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Evaluation of the removal of ATMs from gaming venues in Victoria

A Thomas, J Pfeifer, S Moore, D Meyer, L Yap and A Armstrong

Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation

This research evaluates whether the removal of ATMs from venues was effective as a harm reduction measure for problem gambling and a consumer protection measure for all gamblers.

The evaluation finds the removal of ATMs from gaming venues was an effective measure in reducing harm from problem gambling and also worked as a preventative measure contributing to increased control over gambling.

View GIRO's research update

Download the report (PDF - 1573.5 KB)

Examining the impact of e-mental health in problem gambling

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - 2017

Rodda, S, Lubman, D, Dowling

This study examined people’s experiences of e-mental health options at Gambling Help Online. It looked at chat and email counselling services, forums, website information and self-help tools. It also piloted and evaluated a text messaging relapse prevention program.

Download the report (PDF - 2899.3 KB)

Extent and nature of alcohol advertising on Australian television

S Pettigrew, M Roberts, M Pescud, K Chapman, P Quester and C Miller

Drugs and Alcohol Review - September 2012

This research examines how alcohol advertising reaches youth and reinforces norms, in contravention of the intention of advertising codes.

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Factors affecting youth gambling: a comprehensive model of the antecedents and consequences of gambling in younger people

Richard Bell and Jennifer Boldero

University of Melbourne - December 2011

This study investigated a range of factors associated with gambling related problems among young people.

Download the report (PDF - 1783.2 KB)

Fair game: producing gambling research

Rebecca Cassidy, Claire Loussouarn and Andrea Pisac

Goldsmiths University of London

This study examined the operation of the system that produces gambling research. This research was conducted using an ecological approach that examined the perspectives of, and relationships between, stakeholder groups in the gambling research sector.

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From adolescent to adult gambling: an analysis of longitudinal gambling patterns in South Australia

Paul Delfabbro, Daniel King, Mark Griffiths

Journal of Gambling Studies - 2013

The article presents results from a longitudinal study that explored the gambling activities of young people. It makes an important contribution to understanding youth gambling and identifying: changes in gambling participation over time, differences for participation in different gambling activities, and differences in gambling based on gender.

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Productivity Commission

Report No.50 Canberra 2010

Definitive two volume overview of gambling in Australia, looking at its effects and impacts and making recommendations for reform, particularly in relation to harm minimisation

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Gaming machine density is correlated with rates of help-seeking for problem gambling: a local area analysis in Victoria, Australia

Monica J. Barratt, Michael Livingston, Sharon Matthews and Susan L. Clemens

Journal of Gambling Issues - 9 April 2014

The study establishes an association between the number of poker machines in a local government area and the amount of harm generated from problem gambling. This was done after allowing for a range of other local factors that might influence levels of problem gambling.

The gamblers fallacy: a basic inhibitory process?

J Lyons, J Weeks and D Elliot

Frontiers in Psychology - February 2013

This study is an inquiry into two inbuilt human cognitive functions.

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Gambler's tell their stories: an in-depth exploration of lifetime patterns of gambling

Lise Saugeres, Anna Thomas, Susan Moore and Glen Bates

Swinburne University - October 2012

This qualitative study supports existing research on problem gambling, and examines how early life experiences and life events influence gambling patterns and motivations over time.

Download the report (PDF - 574.2 KB)

Gambling advertising: A critical research review

P. Binde

Responsible Gambling Trust: London - 2014

This report provides a critical review of research on gambling advertising, with particular attention to studies that concern the impact of such advertising on participation in gambling and the prevalence of problem gambling. It also examines the methodologies that can be applied and assesses their practical worth. The report was commissioned by the UK's Responsible Gambling Trust.

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Gambling and the workplace: the issue, its impacts and actions for employers

Elanor Fenge

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - May 2014

The aim of this paper is to broaden awareness of gambling issues, help employers understand the impacts gambling can have on the workplace and explore their role in preventing problem gambling and promoting responsible gambling.

Download the discussion paper   (PDF - 1437.6 KB)

Gambling and young people: impacts, challenges and responses

Tony Phillips

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - October 2013

This discussion paper examines gambling and young people, providing a background analysis of the recent changes in digital technology and the effects these changes have had on the gambling environment and youth in particular.

Download the discussion paper   (PDF - 793.6 KB)

Gambling behaviour and gambling risk factors for Indigenous Australian women

N Hing, H Breen and A Gordon

International Journal if Mental Health and Addiction - 2014

This study investigates aspects of gambling by Indigenous Australian women and determines risk factors that underpin problem gambling.

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The gambling behaviour of indigenous Australians

N Hing, H Breen, A Gordon and A Russell

Journal of Gambling Studies - 2014

This study investigated the gambling behaviour of Indigenous Australians and surveyed 1,259 Indigenous adults in New South Wales and Queensland.

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Gambling expenditure predicts harm: evidence from a venue-level study

Francis Markham, Martin Young and Bruce Doran

Addiction - 5 June 2014

This study investigates the relationship between gambling expenditure and the prevalence of gambling-related harm. The aim of the study was to test the Total Consumption Theory of gambling - a theory which suggests increased gambling expenditure is related to increased gambling-related harm at a population level.

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Gambling in China: socio-historical evolution and current challenges

Anise MS Wu and Joseph TF Lau

Addiction September 2014

This article provides an overview of gambling in China including the development of gambling and gaming in China, Hong Kong and Macau, an explanation of the cultural values related to gaming in Chinese society and government policy responses to gambling.

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Gambling participation and problem gambling severity in a stratified random survey: findings from the second social and economic impact study of gambling in Tasmania

DR Christensen, NA Dowling, AC Jackson and SA Thomas

Journal of Gambling Studies - August 2014 (online)

This study investigated the demographic characteristics associated with gambling and problem gambling in Tasmania.

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Gambling prevalence in South Australia

Social Research Centre

Government of South Australia - November 2013

Based on a sample of over 9,000 South Australians this is the fifth such survey of gambling in South Australia since 1995.

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Growing up gambling

Joe Turco - May 2014

This  30 minute video documentary was funded by the division of behavioural health in the Department of Health and Human Services in Nebraska, USA. The lines between online gaming and gambling are blurring and this program examines the dangers this can pose to young people. It examines gambling and gaming addiction and features interviews with young people who are affected and also experts on the issues. A central element is the story of student becoming addicted to online sportsbetting.

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The health impacts of gambling expansion in Toronto

A Dalton, A Stover, L Vanderlinen, N Turner

Toronto Public Health - November 2012

This report outlines the key issues and current research on the public health impacts of gambling in relation to a proposal to add a casino in the Greater Toronto Area.

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How the causes, consequences and solutions for problem gambling are reported in Australian newspapers

Helen Miller

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health - March 2014

This study informs public health approaches to problem gambling by examining how the news media reports problem gambling.

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How the internet is changing gambling: findings from an Australian prevalence survey

SM Gainsbury, A Russell, N Hing, R Wood, D Lubman and A Blasczynski

Journal of Gambling Studies - 11 August 2013

This paper presents results from a national representative telephone survey of 15,006 Australian adults.

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“I can sit on the beach and punt through my mobile phone”: The influence of physical and online environments on the gambling risk behaviours of young men

Emily G. Deans, Samantha L. Thomas, Mike Daube, Jeffrey Derevensky

Social Science and Medicine 166 -  2016

Download the article - on open access until 10 October 2016

The impact of an audience and venue size on poker machine gambling

Associate Proffessor Matthew Rockloff

Office of Gaming and Racing, Victorian Government Department of Justice, Melbourne - September 2010

This report documents a series of three experimental studies investigating how the presence of large numbers of persons in a gaming venue impact individual betting behaviour.

Download the report (PDF - 480.2 KB)

The impact of gambling problems on families

Nicki Dowling

Australian Gambling Research Centre Discussion paper No.1 - November 2014

This discussion paper is a literature review that summarises the available research about how gambling problems affect family relationships and family members, how families cope with gambling problems, and the assessment and therapy options available to the family members of people with gambling problems.

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Improved outcomes following contact with a gambling helpline: the impact of gender on barriers and facilitators

Simone N. Rodda, Nerilee Hing and Dan I. Lubman

International Gambling Studies - June 2014 (online)

This research explores how someone's gender influences their experience and outcomes from calls to Australian problem gambling helplines. The role of gender differences, as opposed to other demographic characteristics, was examined as a factor in barriers and facilitators in seeking help, as well as whether it affected outcomes.

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Innovation in traditional gambling products

Matthew Rockloff, Philip Donaldson, Matthew Browne, Nancy Greer, Neda Moskovsky, Tess Armstrong, Hannah Thorne, Belinda Goodwin, Erika Langham

Gambling Research Australia - June 2016

This research examines the re-packaging of traditional forms of gambling such as poker or roulette  in digital formats. In some cases the formats replicate the traditional form in others they merely use it as a theme, the odds may be different. The work provides examples of such products and examines their impact on gambler behaviour and exposure to risk.

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An investigation of the link between gambling motives and social context of gambling in young adults

Chelsea K. Quinlan, Abby L. Goldstein & Sherry H. Stewart

International Gambling Studies - November 2013 (online)

The research looked at the relationship between gambling motives and the context of gambling. Ninety-five young adults aged 19 to 24 who gambled at least four times in the previous month participated. Not surprisingly social motives for gambling predicted people would gamble with friends whereas those whose motives were about coping with negative emotions (eg gambling to "escape") were more likely to gamble alone.

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Is "pop-up" messaging in online slot machine gambling effective as a responsible gambling strategy?

M Auer, D Malischnig and M Griffiths

Journal of Gambling Issues - October 2014

This study investigated the effects of a slot machine pop-up message in a real gambling environment.

"It wasn't a very encouraging environment": influence of early family experiences on problem and at-risk gamblers in Victoria, Australia

L Saugeres, A Thomas and S Moore

International Gambling Studies - 2014

This study investigates the ways in which early childhood experiences contribute to at-risk and problem gambling in adulthood.

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Lessons for the development of initiatives to tackle the stigma associated with problem gambling

Thomas, SL, Bestman, A, Pitt, H, David, J & Thomas, S

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – May 2016

This research examined the effectiveness of anti-stigma initiatives in the areas of mental health, HIV/AIDS and gambling to understand the different appeal strategies used and to inform future anti-stigma initiatives for problem gambling.

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Life course analysis of gambling trajectories: an Indigenous Australian study

Helen Breen and Nerilee Hing

International Journal of Gambling Studies - February 2014 (online)

The research investigated the way Indigenous Australian people gamble by analysing experiences from childhood to older adulthood.

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The marketing of wagering on social media: An analysis of promotional content on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Thomas SL, Bestman A, Pitt H, Deans E, Randle M, Stoneham M, Daube M.

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - October 2015

Download the key findings

Download the report

Migration from social casino games to gambling: Motivations and characteristics of gamers who gamble

Gainsbury, SM, Russell, AMT, King, DL, Delfabbro, P & Hing, N

Computers in Human Behaviour, vol. 63, pp. 59-67 2016

This study reports results of an online survey regarding the relationship between social casino game play and actual gambling.

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"Mom, Dad. Its only a game!" Perceived gambling and gaming behaviours among adolescents and young adults: an exploratory study

International Journal of Menal Health Addiction - 20 June 2014

This study compared the perceptions of gaming and gambling between Portuguese adolescents (13 to 17) and young adults (over 18 in post-secondary schooling).

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Parents and adolescents discuss gambling advertising: a qualitative study

Samantha Thomas

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - November 2014

This study examines how parents and their adolescent children conceptualise gambling advertising. In particular, it examines how messages in advertising are interpreted and how these interpretations influence perceptions of the risks and benefits of different types of gambling.

Download the report (PDF - 222.5 KB)

The Population Mean and the Proportion of Frequent Gamblers: Is the Theory of Total Consumption Valid for Gambling?

Ingeborg Lund

Journal of Gambling Studies September 2007 (online) 2008 (print edition)

This study of Norwaegians found evidence to support total consumption theory in relation to gambling. That is to say, that the frequency of gambling in the general population has an effect on the extent of problem gambling. This suggests that a general reduction in the frequency of gambling will have an impact on reducing the amount of harm coming from problem gambling.

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Predicting problem gambling: a prospective study of the influence of adolescent risk taking and mental health on gambling during emerging adulthood

Sarah Whittle, Murat Yücel, Himani Kashyap

The University of Melbourne - December 2012

This exploratory study involved 156 participants from the Orygen Adolescent Development Study, and investigates how gender interacts with risk taking behaviours, temperament and psychiatric symptoms.

Download the report (PDF - 356.7 KB)

Prevalence of gambling problems among the clients of a Toronto homeless shelter

Flora I. Matheson, Kimberly Devotta, Aklilu Wendaferew and Cheryl Pedersen

Journal of Gambling Studies - 2014

This study examined the lifetime prevalence of at-risk, problem and pathological gambling among clients of a homeless service agency in Toronto, Canada. The objective of the study was to estimate the prevalence of problem gambling among these clients, thereby adding to the limited research within this field.

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Prevention of problem gambling: A comprehensive review of the evidence and identified best practices

Robert J Williams, Beverly L West and Robert I Simpson

Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care - October 2012

This report is the result of research aimed at understanding how problem gambling develops and evaluating the effectiveness of measures used to prevent it. The report presents and analyses the literature and identifies current 'best practices' for the prevention of problem gambling

Download the report

Problem gambling among Ontario students: associations with substance abuse, mental health problems, suicide attempts and delinquent behaviours

Steven Cook, Nigel E. Turner, Bruce Ballon, Angela Paglia-Boak, Robert Murray, Edward M. Adlaf, Gabriela Ilie, Wendy den Dunnen and Robert E. Mann

Journal of Gambling Studies - 1 July 2014

This study examines the relationship between gambling problems and substance use, mental health issues and delinquent behaviour among students in grades seven to 12 in Ontario. As such it is a study into gambling co-morbidities, looking into the relationship between gambling problems and other personal problems.

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Problem gambling and family violence: family member reports of prevalence, family impacts and family coping

A Suomi, Ac Jackson, NA Dowling, T Lavis, J Patford, SA Thomas, P Harvey, M Abbott, ME Bellringer, J Koziol-McLain and S Cockman

Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health - August 2013

This article reports on the Australian arm of a large-scale study of the patterns and prevalence of co-occurrence of family violence and problem gambling in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Download the article

Problem gambling and the criminal justice system

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - January 2013

Download the report (PDF - 1350.8 KB)

Problem gambling in people presenting to a public mental health service

Anthony de Castella, Pip Bolding, Adeline Lee, Sonja Cosic, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni

Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre - October 2011

The study sought to identify the prevalence of problem gambling among people presenting to a public mental health service, and understand emotional, mental and physical health problems of this client group.

Download the report (PDF - 1145 KB)

Problem gambling in Victoria: identifying local area community and gaming industry risk and protective factors

Monica J Barratt, Michael Livingston and Sharon Matthews

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – June 2010

This study examines the characteristics of local government areas associated with self-identified problem gambling, as assessed through call volume and clients using the Gambler's Help telephone line.

Download the report (PDF - 1077.9 KB)

Problem gambling vulnerability: the interaction between access, individual cognitions & group beliefs/ preferences

Dr Anna Thomas

Victorian Government, Office of Gaming and Racing, Department of Justice, Melbourne - August 2010

This report tests the link between access, individual and group beliefs and preferences to determine problem gambling vulnerability.

Download the report (PDF - 474.8 KB)

Psychological treatments for problem gambling (PROGRESS) study

Thomas S, Jackson A, Browning C, Feldman S, Radermacher H, Enticott J, Anderson C, Godbee K, Adamopoulos V, Stephanie Merkouris S.


Queensland household gambling survey 2011-2012

State of Queensland - 2012

This report details the findings of the latest Queensland Household Gambling Survey, conducted in 2011–12.

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The relationship between crime and gaming expenditure in Victoria

Dr Sarah Wheeler, Professor David K Round and Dr John K Wilson

Victorian Government, Office of Gaming and Racing, Department of Justice, Melbourne - June 2010

This study explored the relationship between gambling and criminal activity.

Download the report (PDF - 867.5 KB)

The relationship between gambling, significant life events, co-morbidity and associated social factors

Louise Holdsworth, Elaine Nuske, Nerilee Hing

Centre for Gambling Education and Research, Southern Cross University - November 2013

This qualitative study examined how levels of gambling and gambling-related problems are affected by significant life events, psychological co-morbidities and any related social factors amongst people who gamble recreationally and people who experience problems related to their gambling.

Download report (PDF - 852.8 KB)

Review and analysis of sports and race betting inducements

Nerilee Hing, Kerry Sproston, Richard Brading and Kate Brook

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - October 2015

Looks at extents and types of inducements being offered and offers comments on likely effects on gamblers, including vulnerable gamblers

Download the report (PDF - 2493.3 KB)

Download a powerpoint from the presentation of the report (PDF - 3294.2 KB)

Review of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001

Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

Australian Government  March 2013

In 2011, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy released a discussion paper on the Review of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. The discussion paper sought to promote discussion of the issues relevant to the regulation of interactive gambling in Australia. The department then released an interim report on the Review of the Interactive Gambling Act, before seeking further submissions from the public.

The Interactive Gambling Act 2001

DBCDE 2013 Final Review Interactive Gambling Act 2001

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Seeking help for gambling problems

Helen Miller

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - April 2014

This discussion paper provides an overview of research relating to seeking help and recovery from problem gambling, and explores the different types of help available and their effectiveness.

Download the discussion paper   (PDF - 504.2 KB)

The Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling

Final Report prepared for the Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research - March 2011

R.J. Williams, J. Rhem & R.M.G. Stevens

Examines basic principles for conducting socioeconomic studies of impact of gambling and provides a review of what is known from the literature. Notes that the most reliable impact of gambling is an increase in government revenue. Looks at other effects and observes they will vary according to type of gambling, how it is introduced, whether it is public or private and how it is regulated. Both benefits and costs are noted in the study.

Download the report

Social and economic impact study of Gambling in Tasmania

Problem Gambling Research and Treatment Centre and The Social Research Centre - November 2011

Allen Consulting Group

The following reports examine the social and econonomic impacts of gambling in Tasmania in 2011.

Volume 1 - Gambling industry trends and economic impacts

Social and economic impact study of Gambling in Tasmania

South Australian Centre for Economic Studies - June 2008

The following reports examine the social and economic impacts of gambling in Tasmania in 2008.

Volume 1

Socio-economic impacts of access to electronic gaming machines in Victoria: effects on demand and communities

Dr Kerry Brown

Office of Gaming and Racing, Victorian Government Department of Justice, Melbourne - December 2011

This report examines the socio-economic impacts of accessibility to gaming machine gambling in Victorian communities and in disadvantaged communities in particular.

Download report (PDF - 1466.3 KB)

Sports betting and advertising

Nerile Hing

Australian Gambling Research Centre Discussion paper No.4 - November 2014

This paper reviews the growth of sports betting and the accompanying proliferation of sports betting advertising, with particular focus on its integration into sporting events and broadcasts. It draws on lessons from the advertising of other potentially harmful products, and synthesises research into gambling advertising and the promotion of sports betting.

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Sports betting marketing during sporting events: a stadium and broadcast census of Australian Football Leagues matches

SL Thomas, S Lewis, J Duong and C McLeod

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health - April 2012

This report investigated the amount of sports betting marketing during sporting matches, in particular Round 12 of the 2011 AFL Premiership Season.

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Study of gambling and health in Victoria: findings from the Victorian prevalence study 2014

Schottler Consulting

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Victorian Government Department of Justice – November 2015

This report presents findings from a 2014 exploration into participation in gambling in Victoria and the prevalence of problem and at-risk gambling. The first major study to measure problem gambling in Victoria in six years, it compares findings with those of a 2008 survey published in A study of gambling in Victoria – problem gambling from a public health perspective (Hare, 2009).

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Testing the link between accessibility and gambling problems: gambling and problem gambling amongst gaming venue staff

Department of Justice Victoria, Melbourne - July 2009

Professor Nerilee Hing and Sharon Nisbet

The study aimed to test the link between accessibility to gambling and the prevalence of problem gambling by comparing gambling behaviour and prevalence of problem gambling among gaming venue staff and those with high accessibility to gaming venues compared to the general population and those with low accessibility to gaming venues.

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Trends in gambling behaviour 2008-2014

Doros Georgiou

Gambling Commission UK - May 2015

This report explores trends in gambling participation and prevalence across all gambling activities undertaken in the UK from 2008 to 2014.

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Using event-related brain potentials (brain waves) and automatic measures to differentiate problem from non-problem gamblers: Final overview report

Robert Barry, Craig Gonsalvez and Lisa Lole

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – October 2014

This study sought to examine the psychophysiological responses of both problem and non-problem gamblers during actual gambling activity in licensed club venues.

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The Victorian gambling study - qualitative component

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - December 2012

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This report presents results from the study's quanlitative component to provide detailed insights into the experiences of those with gambling problems.

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The Victorian gambling study - a longitudinal study of gambling and public health: wave two findings

Victorian Government Department of Justice  - June 2011

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This second report from the study presents findings in relation to participants who completed two waves of data collection between 2008 and 2009.

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The Victorian gambling study - A longitudinal study of gambling and public health: wave three findings

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - December 2012

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This third report from the study presents findings from the 4,158 participants who completed three waves of data collection between 2008 and 2011.

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The Victorian gambling study - A longitudinal study of gambling and health in Victoria 2008-2012

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - August 2014

The Victorian Gambling Study is a longitudinal research study on gambling and health in Victoria. This report outlines the final findings and analyses of the study including from the 3,686 participants who completed four waves of data collection between 2008 and 2012.

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What influences the beliefs, behaviours and consumption patterns of 'moderate risk' gamblers?

SL Thomas, S Lewis, K Westberg and J Derevensky

International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction - August 2013

This qualitative study explores the beliefs, behaviours, risk perceptions, and consumption patterns of 35 individuals identified as having 'moderate risk' gambling behaviours.

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You just change the channel if you don't like what you're going to hear: gamblers' attitudes towards, and interactions with, social marketing campaigns

SL Thomas, S Lewis and K Westberg

Health Expectations - 8 November 2012

This research examined how gamblers respond to social marketing campaigns about the risks and harms of problem gambling and/or help seeking.

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