Corporate reports

Annual report 2015-2016 coverAnnual report

The foundation's 2015–16 annual report was tabled in the Victorian Parliament on Thursday 27 October 2016.

Annual report 2015–16 (PDF - 2684 KB)

Report of operations (PDF - 1639 KB)

Financial statements (PDF - 1168.8 KB)

Previous annual reports

Annual report 2014-2015 (PDF - 3023.6 KB)

Annual report 2013-2014 (PDF - 4537.3 KB)

Annual report 2012-2013 (PDF - 4300.5 KB)

Strategic business planStrategic plan cover

The strategic business plan 2016–17 provides a framework to guide the foundation's activities with a focus on achieving our vision of a Victoria free from gambling-related harm.

Strategic business plan 2016–17 (PDF - 1136.9 KB)

Previous strategic business plans

Previous strategic business plans can be downloaded directly below:

Strategic business plan 2015-2016 (PDF - 935.3 KB)

Strategic business plan 2014-2015 (PDF - 2035.1 KB)

Strategic business plan 2013-2014 (PDF - 1760.2 KB)

Strategic business plan 2012-2013 (PDF - 1762.6 KB)

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