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We aim to contribute to community conversations about gambling issues. Our background papers review all the latest research on a particular topic. Our discussion papers also review the latest research on a particular topic, but also provide insights and recommendations to address the issue.

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Gen Bet: Has gambling gatecrashed our teens?

This paper looks at the way the gambling environment, gambling marketing and the attitudes of family and friends influence how young people feel and behave when it comes to gambling. It draws on a range of Australian and international research about young people and gambling conducted in recent years.

Gen Bet: Has gambling gatecrashed our teens?
(PDF - 2990.1 KB)

Download the Gen Bet poster (PDF - 419.2 KB)

Discussion papers

Gen Bet: Has gambling gatecrashed our teens? (PDF - 2990.1 KB)

Addressing problem gambling harm: working with families and friends (PDF - 630 KB)

Gambling and the workplace (PDF - 1437.6 KB)

Seeking help for gambling problems (PDF - 504.2 KB)

Gambling and young people: impacts, challenges and responses (PDF - 793.6 KB)

Background papers

Responsible gambling: past, present and future (PDF - 1118.4 KB)

Using a public health approach in the prevention of gambling-related harm (PDF - 375 KB)

Risk factors for problem gambling: environmental, geographic, social, cultural, demographic, socio-economic, family and household (PDF - 1460.6 KB)

Cross sector collaboration: Implications for Gambler's help (PDF - 828.3 KB)

Complex lives: Co-occurring conditions of problem gambling (PDF - 307.6 KB)

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