Corporate reports

Every year, we produce a Strategic Business Plan and an Annual report. Find out about the foundation's strategic direction and our achievements.

Corporate reports and publications

GIRO alerts

Regular email alerts go out to subscribers when new and important information about the gambling industry, regulation or research is released.

GIRO alerts

GIRO research updates

Every two months, we publish a research update with summaries of the latest gambling research.

Research updates

GIRO research library

The library includes links to research reports published by the foundation, the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation, the Federal Government of Australia, as well as other relevant reports and articles.

Research library

Discussion and background papers

We aim to contribute to community conversations about gambling issues. Our background papers review all the latest research on a particular topic. Our discussion papers also review the latest research on a particular topic, but also provide insights and recommendations to address the issue.

Discussion and background papers

For gamblers, their families and friends

The foundation produces a range of brochures and resources for people with gambling problems, their families and friends.

For gamblers and their families and friends


The foundation has made submissions to several government inquiries relating to gambling.


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Short and sharp overviews and explanations of gambling regulation, data, and activities.

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We provide information on the gambling regulatory framework in Victoria and Australia as well as links to legislation.

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