The regulation of Crown Melbourne

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the regulation of Victoria's only casino, Crown Melbourne. In particular, the differences between Crown and other venues are explained as well as the legislation that governs the casino.

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Q: Are there different rules for Crown casino?

Yes. Crown Casino is governed by its own legislation, the Casino Control Act 1991 and the Casino(Management Agreement) Act 1993. Crown Casino is required to follow the same standards and requirements as other gaming venues, with some exceptions.

Some key points of difference between Crown Casino and other gaming venues include:

The Casino (Management Agreement) Act 1993 between the commission and Crown Melbourne Limited is an agreement entered into under section 142 of the Casino Control Act 1991. The purpose of the Agreement is to detail Crown Casino's license conditions.

Some key features of the Agreement include:

  • obligations relating to the development and completion of the Melbourne Casino
  • conditions relating to the company structure of the casino operator
  • disclosure requirements for the casino operator
  • exclusivity undertakings and
  • approval of games and operating practices.

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Learn more at GIRO's Crown Melbourne webpage.

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