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Gambling Help Online provides anonymous, free, confidential advice and counselling. There is also information online to support you in developing your own strategies for change.

Get immediate help online

Chat live with a counsellor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit Gambling Help Online and select Start chat now for online (chat) counselling. You will need to register an email address to get things going.

Email counselling

Email is a great way to get support when you need answers to questions but don't need an immediate response. Email support can be used independently or in conjunction with real time chat.

You may prefer this service because you want to make changes on your own and just need to check in with someone, or you may like having time to consider your thoughts and write them down when you have time to sit down and reflect on what you want to say.

Visit Gambling Help Online and select Start chat now for online (chat) counselling. You will need to register an email address to get things going.

Online community forum

Connect with other people going through the same problems. Discuss hot topics, share stories, setbacks and strategies for change.

The online forum is open to anyone affected by gambling and is peer-moderated.

The forum is a safe place to:

  • share honest stories with others affected by gambling
  • promote healing through shared experiences and connect with peers
  • access support if you are reluctant or not ready to reach out for more formal help
  • find support while you make changes in your life, particularly if you're between sessions in formal treatment
  • connect informally with gambling counsellors who act as facilitators and encourage discussion.

Visit the Gambling Help Online forum

Fight for you 100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is an online support service where you can set goals, keep a diary, get tools and tips for controlling your gambling, and enlist support friends and family to help you get through the challenge.

Sign up for the 100 Day Challenge.

Self-help and other online resources

Some people facing gambling problems want to get started on their own, working through at their own time in their own way. You can go online if you want to deal with your gambling yourself either instead of or in conjunction with formal treatment.

Gambling Help Online offers new self-directed modules to help you to make the changes you are after. These are accessible via desktop and mobile phone, and allow you to look at various strategies to reducing or abstaining from gambling at your own pace.

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Online support

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