The Safer Gambling app

Need a little help staying in control?

Screenshot of the safer gambling appThe Safer Gambling app

  • Alerts you when you are in a gambling venue
  • Gives you one touch options to call friends or help services
  • Is preloaded with pokies locations so you can stay in your safe zone

The foundation's new Safer Gambling app is designed to help you stay in control of your gambling by sounding an alarm when you've been a venue for more than 20 minutes. 

The app comes preloaded with every pokie venue in Victoria and you can personalise it with photos of your loved ones as a little added motivation.Safer gambling app framed

You can also add your own personal 'danger zones' if there are other locations where you might lose track of your goals.

If you need a little more help, the app also has 'click to call' for Gambler's Help services or you can phone a friend for extra encouragement.

To download the Safer Gambling app for Android 

To download the Safer Gambling app for Apple 

For information regarding privacy and security, please review the Safer Gambling app Terms and conditions.

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How does the Safer Gambling app work?

The Safer Gambling app uses geo-fencing that establishes a virtual perimeter around a target location.

The app combines location data from your phone provider with its GPS position to identify your location. An alert is triggered after you cross a geo-fence perimeter.

When you have been in this location for more than 20 minutes, an alarm will sound and a photograph of your choosing will show on your screen to remind you where you are.

The alarm is designed to interrupt you, reminding you of your commitment to limit your gambling and also connect you with your personal and professional support network in case you need a little encouragement to walk away.

  • When the alert sounds, you'll be prompted to phone a friend or call the Gambler's Help phone line (1800 858 858). 
  • The app also has links to helpful online resources to support your commitment to change.

Personal information and terms and conditions

The Responsible Gambling Foundation does not collect data or any personal information from the Safer Gambling app.

  • Any information, including information that can identify a person, entered into the Safer Gambling app remains on your phone and is not transmitted to us or anyone else. This includes phone numbers, names and photos
  • With iPhones – your location data is kept on a secure remote server and your device position is reported against that data. Your device is only known by an anonymous ID number which cannot be accessed by others ensuring a secure user identity and location
  • With Android phones - data is kept on the phone and only you will know your location or where you have been

For full details, view the Safer Gambling App Terms and conditions of use.

There may be times when the Safer Gambling app doesn't alert you when you are in a danger zone or it might set off a false alarm.

This could be because the data we rely on to identify where the venues are is not up to date or your phone is not connecting quickly enough to enable your position to be accurately triangulated.

There may be times when you get a false alarm for the same reasons.

Please let us know if you think the alarm should have gone off and didn't or if you get repeated false alarms and we will investigate.

Data usage and battery life

The Safer Gambling app has been designed to use minimal battery life and a very small amount of data. Please report any issues if they arise.

Why are only pokies venues in the Safer Gambling app?

This first version of the Safer Gambling app has been developed with every pokie venue in Victoria preloaded. Other locations where people can gamble have not been included because, at this time, we only have reliable, verified data about pokies venues.

  • You can add your own 'danger zones' whether that's the race track or local footy field where you find yourself gambling excessively
  • Updates to the app, including adding other gambling locations, will depend on feedback from users
  • Make sure you tell us what you want from future versions of the Safer Gambling app

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