Financial counselling

When you meet with one of our professional counsellors, they will work with you to:

1. Work out your current financial position

2. Help you set sustainable goals to improve your finances

3. Negotiate formal debt agreements or talk to creditors on your behalf

Many people who are having problems with gambling also have financial troubles. These troubles can prompt them to gamble more to try to win back their losses or can lead to feelings of hopelessness leading to more gambling.

People affected by someone else's gambling may also find themselves under considerable financial stress.

Gambler’s Help financial counsellors are fully qualified and experienced in understanding the financial issues you and your family are facing and are ready to help.

You can see a Gambler's Help financial counsellor with or without also seeing a therapeutic counsellor.

Gambler’s Help financial counsellors can:

  • negotiate hardship agreements on your behalf based on your income and financial capacity
  • help you manage any debts in your name and establish regular repayments on your bills such as utilities
  • help you understand your credit file and the implications of any defaults or other listings
  • help you understand your liability for any debts that are in your name and/or someone else’s name
  • suggest avenues to seek legal advice should this be necessary
  • help you understand ways in which you can reduce your risk.  These may include supporting you to arrange separate bank accounts and reducing exposure to further debt
  • assist you to access specialist gambling counselling if and when you feel ready
  • help you make better financial choices for you and your family
  • assist you to establish a budget and financial goals if you feel these may help

Financial counsellors are not able to:

  • make any decisions for you or tell you what to do
  • organise a loan or refer you to any credit provider
  • provide investment advice or therapeutic counselling

Financial assistance

Gambler’s Help financial counsellors can provide information on the community agencies through which you and your family can obtain emergency relief.

Gambler’s Help services have limited financial assistance available to assist gamblers and those affected by another person’s gambling.  Our financial counsellors may be able to help you with an application to access these resources.

This financial assistance is only available:

  • in a way that does not facilitate or subsidise gambling behaviour
  • following an assessment that the person with a gambling issue and their family are in genuine need
  • for essential living needs
  • to support individuals and families to recover from the impact of problem gambling
  • to registered Gambler's Help clients.

To make an appointment to see a financial counsellor call Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858 or find your local Gambler's Help service.

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service.

Other useful information: