Sports betting

While traditional betting at the race track has been around for hundreds of years, betting on other spots has only been legalised and regulated in Victoria since the 1990s.

The Victorian Commission for Liquor and Gambling Regulation approved events for sports betting in this state.

Sports betting can involve traditional sports such as football and cricket but can also cover less traditional contests like the outcome of elections or the results of reality TV shows.

As well as the end result of a game, bets can be placed on what happens within a game, like who will kick the first goal or score the first try or what will be the winning margin.

You can bet in person at a TAB, or over the phone or online.

The rise of sports betting has led to increasing community concern about the possible impact on the enjoyment and integrity of the game.  There is particular concern about the possible impact of sports betting advertising on children and how they regard sport.

While research on sports betting is comparatively new, it is evident that young men are the primary target of advertising.  This group may also be more at risk than others of developing problems with gambling.

Despite the high exposure due to heavy advertising, sports betting is only a small but rapidly growing part of total gambling activity in Australia.

While there is evidence that sports betting is attracting new people to be regular gamblers, research shows people with problems with sports betting often have problems with other forms of gambling.

The Responsible Gambling Guide (PDF - 7007 KB) provides useful information about sports betting, the chances of winning and responsible gambling tips for betting on sports.