Casino games

Casino games, also called table games, can be played in a casino, other live venues or online.  Casinos offer a number of gambling activities including card, dice and random number games played on a table and managed by a representative of the casino known as the dealer or croupier.  Well known casino games include black jack, poker and roulette.

Casino games work by allowing customers to purchase chips and to bet these on the outcomes of a game (such as a round of poker) or an event (such as spinning a roulette wheel).  While many of these games involve an element of skill, winning and losing is still largely determined by chance.

Many casinos offer a number of services and entertainment in addition to gambling.  These include accommodation, bars and restaurants, function facilities, day spas, shows, shopping and sporting activities.

Some popular casino games are also played formally and informally outside of casinos.  Examples include poker games played acoming friends or poker tournaments played in pubs and clubs.

In addition to venue-based casino games, gamblers can now participate in a rapidly growing online casino gaming industry.  This unregulated industry offers players the opportunity to play online versions of common casino games against other online players.

The Responsible Gambling Guide (PDF - 7007 KB) provides useful information about the risks associated with playing casino games and tips for responsible gambling at the casino, as well as information about other types of gambling.