Monday, 15 January 2018

Written by: Ron

Hello all, I'm 35 years old and I know I have a bad pokie machine problem. I would have put well over $150,000 through the pokies $5 a push but in last 6 months; I've lost at least $70,000.

I lost $7000 in a couple of hours once. Absolutely disgusted in my self. I put $3300 in one machine one night and didn't even get the free games once only trained I stopped was the venue closed at midnight so what did I do I was there at 10 pm next morning thinking surely it's due to pay put another $400, still nothing.

I'm paying off a house. I wouldn't consider myself a stupid person but the truth is the true extent of my losses I wouldn't know, all I know is this time last year I had $50,000 cash now I have nothing.

I went to pub today with $10 change hoping to win, of course I didn't. I've always been able to stop but in last 6 months I just lost the plot and it's because of those dragon link machines for some reason. I just lost the plot when I started playing them. I've won $2000 on machines many times and just played them to zero every time I win which is regularly I just put it back in – why? I don't know but I do know I've gotta stop. I keep saying 'soon as I win the jackpot I'll ban myself' and I know I will but reality is I've put so much effort and time money into it I just don't really think I will.

So take note: only time you win is when you don't play the putrid things. I've contemplated armed robbery due to pokies with all that money I've pumped in last 6 months and the venue managers would know I'm out of control not once have I been pulled aside or said 'hey mate think you might have a problem'. Would I stop? Maybe, maybe not but one thing is for sure: they don't give a crap for anyone but money.

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