Christmas luck

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Written by: Christmas luck

Hi, I am 33 years old and I have gambled in the past but nothing to worry myself until recently. I have a good job and I work hard for my money. My best friend had an intense gambling addiction previously and I never thought I have the potential to walk down the same path until recently.

Last Christmas, I had way too much to drink, ended up at the casino by myself, put in $50 into a slot machine and started betting $5 a pull and in my drunken haze, I stumbled out of the casino that night with $2000 in hand. Already saving up for a trip to Thailand with my girlfriend, I thought this would be a nice addition for our vacation.

New year's day, I had way too much to drink, ended up at the casino to try my luck again, and was down $1300 in an hour. My money didn't go very far with me doing drunken $15 pulls at the slots. Feeling defeated, I went home to sleep it off only to find out that I was not able just sleep it off. So there I was, 5.30 am, I find myself standing outside the casino floors ready to wager the remainder. I figured easy come easy go, what's the worst that could happen? An hour later, I walked away with $5000 in hand and looking back, this could be the most costly lesson to be had. This money could have paid for the whole trip and I can totally do this again I thought.

A week ago, having a few way too many, I ended up at the casino alone and pissed away $2300 faster than I could finish my cigarette. The reason why I stopped was because I have maxed out both of my cards for the day. But I wasn't going to let that stop me. Went to the cage, silver tongued my way to another $2000 just to have it all gone within minutes. It is only after I have woken up from my slumber have I felt the true meaning of fear, fear for my own actions, and disgust for my lack of will-power.

There is still $700 left for our vacation fund but all I think and dream about is to hit it one more time. Just once, I hear myself say it over and over again. I hate to say I am addicted but coming from a guy that has never gambled more than $500 in one sitting, I am scared. Last year, my best friend lost over $200,000 and I have always wondered how he managed to do such a thing but now I understand. I have promised my girl a vacation and I hate to let her down. I hate to see myself like this.

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