Video transcript: Bet Regret TV Commercial featuring Sam Mitchell and Scott Pendlebury

Sam Mitchell: We were playing Collingwood at the MCG and I'd been playing with an injury and I shouldn't have played. But I just put my head in the sand. And it meant I couldn't play for a month afterwards.

Scott Pendlebury: We played Geelong last year it was a Saturday night at the G. And I had the chance to kick or pass it. I went for a kick, which was the wrong decision, and it cost us the game.

Sam: We all feel regret from time to time, the key is to recognize it and use it positively. Like Bet Regret.

Scott: Try to gamble less than once a week

Sam: Set money and time limits

Voiceover: Bet Regret. Don't let it lead to something bigger. Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne.