Gambling tips to keep your betting 'well played'

A well-played moment is that moment when you make the right move, at the right time. When you keep track of your spending. When you set a limit and stick to it. When you’re with friends and it’s not all about gambling. When you know to walk away. Use our tips and tools to keep your betting well played.

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We encourage a balanced approach to gambling by providing practical tips on how to gamble responsibly.

Set money and time limits and stick to them. Keep track of your spend.

  • Sticking to limits means you'll have more time and money to do other things you enjoy, like going on a holiday with your family, or buying something you want.
  • Set your budget and take only that amount of cash with you, leaving your bank cards at home.
  • Gambling can be an expensive form of entertainment. If you want to spend less take a look at our tools for money management.

Take regular breaks.

  • Keep your gambling an enjoyable activity by taking regular breaks.
  • When you take a break, try to leave the gambling area rather than just the table, pokie machine or screen.
  • Taking breaks is a fantastic way to allow you some extra reflection time on whether you should keep gambling.

When catching up with friends, make sure it's not always about gambling.

  • The way you behave can influence your friends. By not putting off your friends for a flutter, you can help them do the same.
  • Gambling is often seen as a social activity but it's important to make sure you maintain balance with other leisure activities, hobbies or interests in your life.

Keep your gambling as something you do sometimes, when you’re in a good headspace. Not to escape.

  • Avoid gambling if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, lonely or even bored.
  • Alcohol can also cloud your judgement, so keep your drinks in check too.

When you set a limit and stick to it, that's well played.

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