In-language counselling

Providing support to people from all backgrounds and cultures is important to the foundation so we are working with a number of community organisations to provide multi-lingual counselling in key languages.

Seven ethno specific agencies have been funded to support members of the Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic speaking communities who are affected by gambling issues with in-language counselling and community education activities.

Arabic Welfare Incorporated

Arabic Welfare Incorporated will involve members of the Arabic speaking community in the development and implementation of a community awareness campaign about the impact of gambling issues and how to access help through culturally appropriate programs. As well as providing bridging services to connect community members with mainstream services, Arabic Welfare will provide direct counselling support.   The objective of the gambling program is to provide thoughtful and compassionate workshops for frank and honest discussion and the opportunity for the community to advocate for themselves. The guiding principles of this measure are community ownership and shared learning.

Contact us

Contact Hoda Nahal, Senior Counsellor
Mondays and Wednesdays in Broadmeadows (03) 9309 0249
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in Brunswick (03) 9380 9346

Victorian Arabic Social Services

The Victorian Arabic Social Services will provide a program called Win back your Life to support the development of culturally appropriate activities for isolated and marginalised youth and their families who are problem gamblers, or at risk of becoming problem gamblers.

The program will include training to build the capacity of VASS staff to respond to community problem gambling issues; improved physical, emotional, social and mental health of the target group and increased participation in locally based and culturally appropriate activities as an attractive alternative to gambling. The program will also recruit role models and mentors to engage in positive activities with participants as well as provide individual support and counselling.

Contact us

Issam Alameh, Financial Counsellor and Problem Gambling Counsellor via email: or phone: 9359 2861

Federation of Chinese Associations, Social Welfare Centre

The Federation of Chinese Associations (FCA) has a history of serving the local Chinese community. The new program of in-language services aims to deliver therapeutic and financial counselling, community education and wellbeing activities for people at risk of harm from problem gambling. This includes people who gamble and their family members or friends.  Established in 1979 and located in Melbourne CBD, FCA is a not-for-profit community organisation that represents 110 Chinese associations in Victoria. The member organisations of the federation include youth, women, senior, professional and arts groups, a language school, a friendship society and a Chinese nursing home, with two member organisations from Geelong and Ballarat.

Contact us

Please call (03) 9650 1293 or email for information or to book an appointment.

Chinese Gambling Concern Incorporated

Chinese Gambling Concern Incorporated provides community education and service promotion activities to raise awareness of gambling issues in the Chinese speaking community.

Particular focus is on target groups such as international students and restaurant workers to promote service and help options as well as alternative recreational pursuits to gambling.

Contact us

For enquiries email: or phone: 1800 881 663

Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association Incorporated

Located in Springvale, the Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association is a welfare organisation serving the Vietnamese community in the south eastern region. Current services include English classes, for Vietnamese, Chinese and Cambodian communities with bi-lingual teachers, a settlement program, immigration advice, family support and referrals and counselling.

The association will build on the existing programs it offers to provide support to the Vietnamese community in the south eastern region affected by gambling issues through counselling, community education and support services.

Contact us

Phone: 9547 6161

Bic Gresty, Welfare and Counselling Coordinator via email:

My Dung Nguyen, Senior Welfare Officer via email:

Australian Vietnamese Women's Association

The Australian Vietnamese Women's Association will build up the Vietnamese speaking community's awareness of gambling issues, promoting how to access help and healthy leisure activities.

They will also provide face to face therapeutic and financial counselling to the Vietnamese community, as well as telephone counselling and an outreach service. The association will offer these services in Footscray and Richmond as well as servicing prisons and providing community education about gambling issues.

Contact us

Thuy Bui, Counsellor via email or phone 9428 9078

Tania Huynh, Counsellor via email: or phone: 9396 1922

Multicultural Centre for Women's Health

The Multicultural Centre for Women's Health will work to promote the new and existing suite of counselling services for specific communities by working with the services to develop a communication plan on the best way to promote the new services and support the service promotion activities.

The centre will incorporate messages about gambling issues and support options into community education programs it currently deliver to various culturally and linguistically diverse communities across Victoria. The centre will also trial the establishment of a support group for people who might not be ready to access counselling services with a view to transitioning them into counselling and/or other gambling-related services and programs.

Watch our video about gambling support services for Victorians.