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Videos with real stories

Robert and Conny's story

Robert's wife Conny lost over $350,000 on poker machines during the 90's and early 00's. She stopped after Robert found out about her gambling problem by checking their bank account.

Conny and Robert now volunteer for an anonymous peer-connection program and take calls from people with gambling problems and their families.

They also speak to community groups as part of the ReSpin prevention program funded by the foundation.

Conny and Robert separated three years ago, but still live together and remain close friends.

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Peter and Gabi's story

Peter's wife Gabi gambled on poker machines for four years during the early 90's. Peter discovered her gambling after checking their bank statements.

Gabi has written a book about her gambling addiction and runs an alternative recreation program for people with gambling problems that is funded by the foundation.

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Lauren and Matt's story

Lauren found out her partner Matt had a gambling problem early in their relationship. Hear how gambling affected their relationship and what they did to overcome it.

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Family and friends

Read more about how we are putting families and friends at the forefront of our thinking in reducing harm caused by problem gambling.

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