Getting help

Many people just like you have resolved their gambling problems by seeking help through our support services. We know that taking the first step can be hard. But once you decide to get help, the rest is easier than you might think. Find the support that's right for you.

Many ways to get help

With only one in 10 people with gambling problems reaching out for help, we aim to make getting help as simple and as easy as possible.

Our 'Many ways to get help' campaign promotes the different ways people can get help with their gambling problems.

Meet a counsellor

Make an appointment with your local Gambler's Help counsellor for face-to-face counselling

Worried about a loved one?

If someone else's gambling is affecting you, we offer free, confidential information, advice and support.

Get help with your finances

Financial counsellors can give you confidential advice and help you sort out your financial problems.

Fight for the real you

So you want to take control of your gambling? We've made this program to help you. It's a no fuss, simple way to get on top of things. What you achieve is completely up to you. And for back up, you can invite friends and family along for the ride. Let’s start the fight today, because the only person that can change the way you gamble is you.

Fight for you challenge
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