New service model

Greater integration between services

The KPMG review identified an opportunity to improve integration between Gambler's Help service elements to ensure the system is functioning in a seamless way that delivers appropriate types and levels of care.

A streamlined referral and appointment booking process between the helpline and local services has now been developed along with improving information flow about clients across service elements.

Greater integration with broader health and human services sector

The KPMG review indentified the need for stronger integration with the broader health and human services sectors to ensure wherever people presented for services that they got the help they needed.

Strategies to implement this 'no wrong door' approach objective have included realigning service catchments with other health and human services regions (Medicare Locals, health) and appointing a lead service provider in each catchment.

Systematic approach to meeting client needs

The KPMG review identified the need for a more systematic approach to matching treatment modes and intensity to client needs and choice.

As a result, the Gambler's Help service suite has been expanded to include options including self-help resources, new peer support and group-based programs with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

Flexibility for clients has also been achieved by extending business hours and the treatment modes offered in each Gambler's Help location.

Another key change has been to simplify the client intake and assessment process to increase counselling time and decrease data collection and reporting requirements.

Improved funding model

The review identified the need for a funding model that better reflects demand and service costs and provides for flexible allocation of investment across population catchments and across service elements.

As a result, a new flexible funding model has been introduced with allows for adjustment over time to reflect demand and support delivery of tailored, localised services.

Greater support for better clinical practice

The service review identified the need for a program system that better balances support for clinical practice to drive service improvements and manage performance.

The foundation is currently working on replacing its data collection, performance management and reporting systems to better support agencies.

Improved culturally appropriate services

The KPMG review identified the need for tailored culturally appropriate services that better match the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

New, tailored service options for CALD and Indigenous communities are now being introduced to better reflect the help seeking preferences, values and attitudes of particular communities.

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