Stages of change - Maintenance

"I've changed"

Your client has found all the things they need to do to change their behaviour and started to put this into practice.

Working with the maintaining client.

What can you do?

If your client is in the maintenance stage, they are actively working on their changed behaviours. At this stage, it is important that you support your client to maintain the changes they have made:

  • Encourage and foster personal development
  • Help your client to avoid feeling discouraged
  • Help your client to continue contemplating change, renewing their determination and resuming action
  • Explore lifestyle issues not directly related to gambling, such as parenting, budgeting, relationships, education and employment
  • Help your client to build self protective behaviours
  • Reinforce and encourage "what works" for your client
  • Help your client to identify possible triggers for lapse

However it is also helpful to warn your client that lapses into gambling are normal and have a plan to deal with this if it happens.

What can Gambler's Help do?

During the maintenance stage, Gambler's Help can offer your client a range of services including:

Gamblers Help can also provide you with the following services:

 Contact your Local Gambler's Help service.

Stages of change


"I don't have a problem"


"I know I have a problem and need to change. I will do something about it, one day"


"Yes I have a problem and I need to do something to change - now"


"I am doing something to change my behaviour now"


"I've changed"


"I have started gambling again"

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