Stages of change - Determination

"Yes I have a problem and I need to do something to change - now"

What can you do?

If your client is in the determination stage, they recognise the need to change and resolved to do something about it. You have a valuable window of opportunity to help your client move into action.

At this stage, you need to:

  • Help your client find an accessible, appropriate, acceptable and effective strategy for change
  • Reinforce and support their decision to change – help plan activities for change
  • Explore your client's goals
  • Recommend the 'Getting Help' section of this website for information on:
    • self exclusion,
    • self assessment,
    • resources for gambling change,
    • the phone Apps that can identify when the client enters a gambling venue and give self help options to use at that time
    • A self help workbook for changing gambling
    • Numerous resources for changing gambling and gambling information
  •  Facilitate an 'assisted referral' to Gambler's Help services
  • Directly link your client with their local Gambler's Help service
  • If you are a Primary Care Partnerships member, you may consider using the Service Coordination Tool Templates to support this process.
  • Follow up on the assisted referral

What can Gambler's Help do?

During the determination stage, your client needs to work with Gambler's Help services.  These services are free and confidential, will see Affected Others/Family members and can provide services:

  • Face-to-face
  • By phone
  • Online through text or email

At this stage, YOU can engage with Gambler's Help for information on:

Contact you Local Gambler's Help service

Stages of change

"I don't have a problem"


"I know I have a problem and need to change. I will do something about it, one day"


"Yes I have a problem and I need to do something to change - now"


"I am doing something to change my behaviour now"


"I've changed"


"I have started gambling again"

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