Stages of change - Action

"I am doing something to change my behaviour now"

What can you do?

If your client is in the action stage, they are not only determined to change their behaviours but are doing something about it.

This is the time to encourage your client to change by focusing on the three key aspects of gambling change known as the gambling triangle; time, money and mood

During this stage, it is important that you support your client by providing them with effective strategies for changing their behaviours:

  • Set goals
  • Identify people, friends or mentors who can help and contact these people
  • Deal with other related and underlying issues
  • Prepare for possible relapses and relapse prevention
  • Help develop new skills: stress management, anxiety management, stimulus (avoiding dangerous situations) and coping with the urge to gamble
  • Teach your client to delay, distract and desist from gambling
  • Encourage your client to get involved in alternative activities
  • Focus on building resilience
  • Help your client to identify and reinforce "what's working"
  • Direct your client to visit the 'Getting Help' pages of this website
  • Facilitate a cold referral - Provide your client with information about the nature and types of services offered by Gambler's Help and direct them to their local service

What can Gambler's Help do?

During the action stage, Gambler's Help can offer your client a range of services, including:

  • Self Exclusion Program

Gambler's Help can also provide you with the following services:

Contact your Local Gambler's Help service.

Stages of change

"I don't have a problem"


"I know I have a problem and need to change. I will do something about it, one day"


"Yes I have a problem and I need to do something to change - now"


"I am doing something to change my behaviour now"


"I've changed"


"I have started gambling again"

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